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    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    I had this one made 5 years ago. Vintage Relic. They did a LTD run. Then no more wood. Had it made as new from factory. Im a bull in a china shop, and dont need to relic, or age a guitar any faster that what Im going to put it through. Wood from the 50s. Honduran/Brazilian/Maple 8.1lbs...
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    Good source for necks and bodies

    USA Custom Guitars MJT
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    Really having trouble thinking of a PAF set to get for a les Paul.

    He doesnt want any help.. He does what he does on his own terms, and has been highly successful. Hes been winding 59 PAF clones since 1971. Tom was the 1st to start doing this. Billy Giibbons, Gary Moore, and Peter Frampton Albert King, Bo Diddly also helped Tom with the design, balance of the...
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    Best Peter Green Humbucker Set

    Throbak PG-102
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    Really having trouble thinking of a PAF set to get for a les Paul.

    Toms a 1 man operation, and makes his own bobbins, stamps out his own pickups covers, electroplates them himself. Only thing not done by Tom is, he doesnt make the magnets, or the wire. He hand polishes the covers. Tom also doesnt take prepayments, or do expedited service for more money.
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    Really having trouble thinking of a PAF set to get for a les Paul.

    $550USD last time I checked, and I hear the wait time is down to 6 months. I waited 20 months on mine as Tom was sick and almost died. I got mine in 2014, and bought 2 sets. 1 set I still have in the boxes. They cost about the same as Throbak. Throbak would be my second choice. Either the SLE...
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    Really having trouble thinking of a PAF set to get for a les Paul.

    Tom Holmes H450/H455 A2 Holmes H453 A4
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    Pickups for Orville by Gibson LP Custom 3

    Throbak PG-102 MXV P.A.F. Humbucker Guitar Pickup Specs.: Neck 8.2K Bridge 8.6K, long A5 magnets (Available with or without neck pickup magnet flip.) Wound with the same output specifications as the vintage PAF pickups in the original "Greenie" Les Paul played by Peter Green and utilizing...
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    Vegan runner asks neighbors to close windows when cooking meat with 'offensive' odor

    While I eat meat, I cant stand the smell of Sausage frying. If I smell it cooking, I get ill, and gag. I love the smell of steak cooking, especially with lots of garlic. But sausage make me violently ill for some reason.
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    Do you feed your dog...

    The only people food I give my dog is Chicken, Fish, Beef, Buffalo, Rabbit, Quiona, New Zealand Lamb, Sweet Potatoes, Oats, Barley, Brown Rice, Eggs, Turkey, Duck. ZERO PORK as it can cause Pancreatitis in dog. Very low fat Pork Loin is good, but you have to get the best low fat cut of it. It...
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    Another PAF recommendation thread.

    Tom Holmes was probably the first person to try and crack the PAF code, though Tom is only trying to reproduce a 59 PAF spec. Not a 58, or 60 ect. He started in 1971. He was also George Gruhns electronics repairman for over 20 years, and has probably taken more PAFs apart, than anyone alive...
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    Another PAF recommendation thread.

    Throbak SLE 101 A2 Tom Holmes H450/H455 A2
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    Wolves are HUGE!

    Turkish Kangal. 37in at shoulder, 190lbs.. In Shape

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