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    My new (to me) 2011 Les Paul Traditional.

    Nice congrats!
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    NGD - 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Looks like a keeper. Congrats!
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    1999 Les Paul Standard

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    Hngd 2019 Les Paul classic

    Very nice congrats!
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    Vintage style locking tuners-Gotoh vs Kluson

    I've got the Kluson Locking Revolutions and they work and look great.
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    NGD Pending- ‘68 Custom Authentic

    Cool congrats!
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    Ngd and joining the club!

    Congrats and welcome!
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    HNDG: warning, not traditional

    That's pretty sweet for $1200!
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    Yeah, I like Blue...

    Sweet! Do you play the blues with them? :naughty:
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    WTB: First electric guitar for nephew ($500)

    What about one of these?
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    Makeover has begun

    Came out great congrats!
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    Clapton's Beano Guitar!

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    Wondering if i should trade my telecaster for a Les paul

    The answer is yes! :D
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    Suggestions on where to get an R8/R9

    I think the HOG still does that and Mark's is good too. I also agree with the classified section advice. Lots of good guitars available. Good luck on your search!
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    NGD- My first Flying V!

    A classic congrats!