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    NGD Les Paul LQ GT (MIJ)

    Cool! Nice case too. :dude:
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    NGD Bourbon burst

    Nice congrats!
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    Nice congrats!
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    NGD! 90’s Les Paul Studio I Couldn’t Resist

    Very nice congrats! :dude: Also love the Copper tops!
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    NGD - 2022 Standard 50’s GT

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    NGD 2018 Les Paul Tribute Goldtop

    Tributes are great guitars! Congrats!
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    Going to buy an R7 what do you guys think???

    I've got an R7 I'd never let go. I say go for it!
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    Why does 80% of the forum choose lemon?

    Wow! Over 8 years old and the thread pops up! :dude:
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    2016 Les Paul Traditional

    Last bump!
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    2016 Les Paul Traditional

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    Late NGD R7 2020 Darkback

    Very nice!

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