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    How much better is a Gibson vs my Epi 1960s Tribute Plus?

    I have a 2020 Epiphone LP Custom that I enjoy playing and plays better than some of the many Gibsons I own/have owned. Fit and finish is on par. Are the materials of the same quality? Gibson hardware is better. I prefer nitro but its no longer the deal breaker it used to be for me. Having...
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    Les Paul Junior Pickup Position Varies??

    As confirmed by Leslie West. If anyone knew his Juniors, it was West.
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    Guitar "Bonding" is Real

    I've been feeling the same way about my 2020 Gibson Classic. It's flawless and heavy, but it's not my favorite guitar to pick up. I recently brought home a new Epiphone LP Custom that I bonded with instantly and vastly prefer over the Gibson Classic.
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    Players You Like

    Here's another from my favorites list, in all his chicken pickin glory!
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    Whats your all time favorite guitar pick ? Pick as in plectrum

    They're their own thing, not really like either of those. They're really interesting because they actually become more grippy if your hand starts to sweat a little. They almost feel etched or something, difficult to explain. I've tried every pick under the sun and I just love these Ultexs, I...
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    I meant on the standard Customs, which is the specific model I was looking for.
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    I personally prefer the 2020/2021 models because of the ebony fingerboard, the headstock shape, and the large diamond inlay is a bonus. The ebony fingerboard is what really sealed the deal for me which is something Epiphone hadn't previously offered.
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    My 2020 Epi Custom is one of the finest guitars I have ever owned. I would hands down recommend it every day, all day. Sure helped my decision that the salesman gave me $200 off new price. :thumbs:
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    Ugliest. Paul. EVER!

    Why don't you stop beating around the bush?
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    Which do you prefer for blues

    Florentine Les Paul
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    Would you rather have a Gibson ??

    I've gone through many sets (and thousands of dollars) of pickups, some I've discussed here, and the Probuckers that came in my Epi Custom are some of the nicest I've ever heard. I prefer them over numerous Gibson sets, including the highly venerated 57 Classics. I'm currently looking for a set...
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    Would you rather have a Gibson ??

    No. Indian Laurel. Which looks and feels similar to rosewood, but often lighter in colour. Some models come with ebony fingerboards.
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    Ugliest. Paul. EVER!

    What about this Paul?
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    Creamtone Issues

    The folks here have every right to be angry. Lonnie acted like a straight up dick head to many people. Theft and bad customer service tends to make people angry. We're funny like that.

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