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    Lake Mead Update

    Wasn't it at around 118ft before the drought? .
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    Share Your Explorers

    My Bill Kelliher Golden Axe.
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    Top Gun Maverick

    I saw it in a preview event last Wednesday. Definitely quite a bit of nostalgia. I'm not a Tom Cruise fan, and also aware that it was basically a top notch Navy recruitment movie. Still, I always liked the old one a lot, The mix of jets, music and the young Kelly Mc Gillis - just great. The new...
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    Netflix-Metal Lords

    I agree, it's an entertaining movie, great music, but that's almost it. The level of detail is way beyond a typical movie production though. I wonder how they got this Dio poster from Munich Germany, really cool.
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    Les Paul double cut Standard. Thoughts?

    It`s never to late for a good answer :) I still like my DC Pro Standard a lot. Some people complained these were too PRSish, but I like PRSi as well, so it`s not a problem for me. I wouldn't recommend a DC as first Les Paul, as you would have the constant feeling of it not being a real Les Paul...
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    Used prices are outrageous

    +1 LPs have been more in the 65 to 75 % range for decades, unless they had issues.
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    NGD! Gibson Slash 4 Limited edt Les Paul Standard

    Congrats to your new guitar, what a beauty, and I agree these are very lively guitars.
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    Difference in LP tone with and without maple top.

    My understanding is that Epis have a nice veneer (e.g. AAA) on top of the maple cap.
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    Difference in LP tone with and without maple top.

    I was curious and compared a few of my guitars that I currently have at home just for brightness. The differences were actually bigger than I expected, while the overall order is pretty much what I would have expected. Brightest to Darkest: Fender American Series Stratocaster Alder Body, Maple...
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    Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard Limited 4 Album Edition

    I like it Thank you, great summary. Do you know if they have long or short neck tenon? If I remember correctly all standards got back to long tenons a few years ago, is it still like that?
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    check out this guy's amazing drawings!

    Mark Tremonti had one Guitar painted by Joe Fenton back in 2014. It's an amazing guitar, painted back and front, even the neck. I had the chance to see it, when Mark was in Munich. For the anniversary of the Tremonti signature line PRS has teamed with Mark and Joe Fenton to make 20...
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    I'm done with the Olympics and many other large international sports events. Big money and evil regimes, not my cup of tea.
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    Best Color For an LP Custom

    This is a pretty bizarre question. If you are Randy Rhoads the answer is white, if not the answer is black.
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    Gibson Explorers. What do you think of them?

    Got this one almost 10 years ago. I like it a lot, still it has been kind of a case queen. Explorers are beautiful and nice to play when sitting, the handling is a bit less comfortable as the are big (and the need to be big if you are on the taller side). Bill was kind enough to sign the QA...
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    MacOS Monterey 12.01 -> 12.1 now

    I have upgraded to Monterrey on my M1 Mac Mini and it runs smooth. Didn't have the guts to upgrade my i7 Mac Book Pro.

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