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    Dave mustaine goes Gibson?

    Never underestimate an angry old man with a Flying V.
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    Metallica get a taste of their own medicine

    I wouldn't be so harsh calling these people idiots, because they probably just lost the connection to the music scene. If you just listen to the radio, or even worse TV, you are even more lost today, than in earlier years. But I totally agree that we have more great music around than ever...
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    Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars!

    Congratulations to NASA and JPL, what a great success already. Looking forward to the first rides and flights.
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    Winter in Texas

    Sounds more like an issue with some specific turbines. We have plenty of wind turbines in northern Europe, and our weather can be pretty rough too.
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    So what are you listening to?

    First song of the new Myles Kennedy record.
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    Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars!

    I love Mars missions, actually all space missions. My dad was an engineer at NASA. He joined in 67, and stayed till the cost controllers took over NASA, and it wasn’t exiting anymore as projects that could be done in months took years, because of bureaucracy. Does this mission also have a chip...
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    Ibanez Destroyer Appreciation Thread

    My Destroyer and my Explorer. The Destroyer is a DT 400 81 model, I have it since my teenage days. The Explorer is a Bill Kelliher sig. model.
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    Marshall DSL1 Head Amp-opinions wanted

    Next year? OMG I feel old now. 50th feels like yesterday. Jim died that year, when I remember it correctly. I have a JCM 1 combo, a JCM 1 head and a JVM 1 head. I like the JVM best.
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    Eruption By EVH....I'm Speechless

    Sort of sweep picking it, instead of tapping,
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    The best album of the 80s?

    With the only exception of Krokus, I had them all (still have them actually).
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    Minttitty minty mint 2007 explorer pro

    I was very interested in one of these, when they came out. Great bang for the buck, nice binding, rare on Explorers. Ordered one to the Thomann shop. It also played very well, but it simply looked so small on me. It is the only guitar ever, that I didn’t buy because didn’t look good on me, but...
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    What's with the OTHER LP Forum?

    I tried to register there in late 2008, but they didn´t respond. Found MLP and never looked back.
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    Any high-quality UK guitar kit makers post-Brexit?

    Using U.K. based retailers will also be much faster.
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    Any high-quality UK guitar kit makers post-Brexit?

    I guess most of he smaller EU retailers will just avoid trading with U.K customers, as it adds a lot of paperwork and probably ever changing regulation. Only the big ones like Thomann will probably stay in this business as they have the economy of scale. I guess as a rule of thumb, those...
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    Any high-quality UK guitar kit makers post-Brexit?

    The „free“ trade deal is way more complicated than people think, because it‘s only „free“ if most of the product has been made in either the U.K. or the EU. So Marshall can „free“ trade an amp into the EU, because it‘s basically U.K. made. Andertons on the other hand cannot “free“ trade a Mesa...

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