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    Poll: Would you buy a Mark Agnesi signature Les Paul Junior?

    Gotta be cheaper than this.... Only $1300 a month
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    Poll: Would you buy a Mark Agnesi signature Les Paul Junior?

    If it costs more than a regular LPJr... Then No
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    Yay or nay on decking the stopbar

    Yup.... in a 3 minute song you ain’t got a lot of room for 20 second sustained notes.... and my worse guitar can do that.
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    2019 Murphy Lab?

    I don't think it's a Chibson,... but it is Chibson "like" mistake. I don't think Tom Murphy would have missed this,...or any of the guys that made the Collector Choice guitars. Murphy Lab Rats aren't up to speed......they go through all the trouble to make it look 60+ years old but don't know...
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    NGD: my first R9

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    2019 Murphy Lab?

    No original Kluson tuner screw holes. Can't be a replica of a '59 without them.....those are '70s style Gibson branded Schaller's didn't make them in 1959....where are the damn holes?? :rofl: Unless this is a replica of an artists 1959 that was re-necked in the '70s it should have Kluson tuner...
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    Nice replacement bell knobs?

    I totally agree....Lonnie has let his business slide quite a bit.....i have had excellent business with Lonnie in the past... but I have a couple of poor ventures with him too.....he has seemed to continue with poor practices and that is a shame as he does provide some of the most excellent parts.
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    Pickup Imbalance After Setup

    What Darrell has there is a beautiful example of a 1982 LE Candy Apple Red (top/back/sides/neck) with an ebony fret board and Shaw of the finest here on this forum....but that is just my opinion. The only thing that truly sucks about it.........It's not mine. :laugh2:
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    Nice replacement bell knobs?

    Creamtone has Historic correct top-hats with pointers.....but you may have a long wait for delivery. Philadelphia Luthiers has them but you need to order pointers separate. EDIT: I just looked at the PLT site and they seem to be out of stock.
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    2014 R9 Dings a deal breaker?

    The color,the dings,the top, the misrepresentation, and the price = NOPE It wouldn't even make a good candidate for a Historic Makeover.
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    Gibson ES335 (2021) - QC issues?

    Is it just me,... but are those frets tiny? Fretboard is crap.....take it back. Tiny frets and a rough board not a good mix.
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    C'mon Man!

    True.... you got me there.... there are parameters of variability.
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    C'mon Man!

    Custombuckers have variability designed into need to add a Burstbucker..... Custombuckers are not precisely engineered to be the same.....quite the opposite.
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    C'mon Man!

    Don’t these come with the metal medallion switch cover? That would fix the mismatch cover issue....kind of?
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    How long does it take a Les Paul to lighten up?

    You can lighten it up pretty quick with one of these... :rofl:

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