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    FS: The 1959 WIRE Holy Grail LTD Sigil Pickups

    What color bobbins?
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    [Sad NGD] Gibson Exclusive (?) Les Paul Custom VOS

    That looks killer! Hope the issues get sorted out. as others have said, unfortunately nut slots are still an issue with a lot of new Gibsons. The pickup thing is just bad luck :( When everything is sorted you’re gonna be psyched! :cheers:
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    FIRE Bombs!

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    Gibson Launches "Murphy Lab"

    I dunno someone specifically asks what sunburst LP Tore is playing and the Andertons account says it’s a new Murphy they’re going to release a video on soon...
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    Gibson Launches "Murphy Lab"

    I think these are already leaking into the wild... in a comment they confirm the guitar Tore is playing is a new Tom Murphy LP. doesn’t look like I was correct about their intentions; looks cool but a full cherry color with all that aging... am I wrong that the only real ones remaining with...
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    What The Hell Would Cause This?!?

    The number Joe uses is 8.5 not 9.5. He’s said the really light ones haven’t wowed him and he doesn’t turn his nose up if they’re mid-8s to 9-ish. I don’t think that has any bearing on Historics as we’re talking about completely different wood lol.
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    FS: 2019 60th Anniversary Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue - Green Lemon Fade VOS

    if you don’t know it’s probably Indian. You got it from a US dealer? I’ve only seen the fretboard wood listed on the shipping label (on the big cardboard box).
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    NGD “Greenyburst” from Wildwood. Check out the aging

    That’s fantastic! Can you show the back please?
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    Gibson Launches "Murphy Lab"

    Yeah I get skepticism about the pricing but as far as the guitars go the next step are the finishes. Looking at the Aged 60ths available, there are several with gorgeous authentic looking faded tops but then the backs are super dark? My own Brazilian is a gorgeous "Fade" finish but also has a...
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    Aged 59 Reissue 60th Anniversary

    Michael did you compare it to the pretty Factory Burst he has?
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    OFFICIAL MEET: 2019 Fall Philly Guitar Show & MEMBERS MEET Nov. 2 & 3, 2019

    So awesome! Thanks for putting those up, man there were some cool Les Pauls there! I wasn’t well enough to go this year but hopefully next year I can come with with some guitars to display. Too bad it was a little smaller than previous years but it’s nice to see more realistic prices.

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