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    Burny RLG 75 GR Slash NGD

    Thomas, What did the original truss rod cover look like? I thought it was weird that it didn't have Super Grade or any script on the head stock. But I found that the GR model didn't. Crap I haven't even used this :slash: while describing this guitar. :D
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    Burny RLG 75 GR Slash NGD

    You may be right Voserke. It had a cream pick guard on it when I bought it. I don't like gaurds on my LP's. Someone might have drilled and mounted it in the last 2 decades. I'm just glad they didn't drill or modify anything else on it. It's in really good shape for a 22 year old guitar...
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    Burny RLG 75 GR Slash NGD

    I don't know much about what factories made Burnys. Quick google of Dyna Gakki revealed your probably right J-Dizzle. I think I surmised it was a 94 coz it had a number stamp or label in the bridge PU rout that had 94 or 1994. The stop tail piece say's Japan and SG like my Burny Custom...
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    Burny RLG 75 GR Slash NGD

    Hey got my Jap LP's out and figured I put some pics up and show off my 8 month old Bday gift. Best I can tell it's a 94ish RLG 75 GR Japanese Slash LP. Picked it up from a local shop for 600 bucks with case. It's been upgraded with a what I believe is a gotoh bridge and the coolest bridge...
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    NGD Thx to Kris 77 LP Standard !

    Awesome Guitar! I too have a 77 Custom TB. It plays like warm butter. Everyone swears I have it set up with light 9's even though it's strung with 10-46's. Mine was from Oct. It has a 1 piece back. I read in 77 they quit the pancake. Is yours caked? Enjoy that beautiful tar!
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    Happy NGD to me :-)

    Gorgeous! Love the flame on that one. I'm craving some iced tea after looking at that!:naughty:
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    77 Custom Dream Guitar

    I was able to slide the neck PU cover off. And yep it has the T's in the plastic bobbins. Kinds looks like the PU's may have pulled and potted at some point. It doesn't feed back so far. But the most gain I've played it with is my 2204 800. JM2112 you are right no mud at all from her...
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    77 Custom Dream Guitar

    Well here are some pics. The PU's have Pat # 2,737,842 stamped on them. The bridge PU has a faint 1977 or 077 marking. The covers have been removed as the solder is cut and someone looks to have tried to sloppily re-solder the bridge PU cover. I'm happy to see the Tobacco Burst marking in...
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    77 Custom Dream Guitar

    My 77 all original as far as I can tell LP Custom Tobacco Burst. It's not a lightweight but this thing sustains forever. :dude: It isn't pancaked and has a 1 piece back. 3pc maple top and 3pc maple neck. Got it with what appears to be the original case for 2500. I think the PU's are the...
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    First LP :-)

    Awesome guitar man!! :thumb: I got one that looks just like that one. Mine is an 01. It is my main guitar now. It was my first Gibby and I've been play lectrics for over 15 years.. There is something about the good woods, craftsmanship, and the pride of a made in USA guitar. For the speed...
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    Les Paul models Bole doesn't own!

    To answer the original question. I think he is missing pickups, hardware, and electronics in that black custom.:D Really sweet tars man!!
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    Want to Buy: Les Paul Studio (or other sub 1k Les Paul)

    I've got an 06 alpine white with ebony board. There are pix of in a new thread I recently posted. I'm in Lexington. I can't seem to figure out how PM you. Let me know if you might wanna talk.
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    New 06 Studio

    LongBeach, I guess I can tap on the lower horn and compare it to my 01 to see if it sounds different. It's hard to tell by playing because that super hot pickup (it sings like crazy) and my 01 is in need of new strings at the moment. Thanks,
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    New 06 Studio

    Yeah I know I got the 01 black one earlier in the year for 550. Both guitars came with cases the white one has the authentic Gibson USA (made in Canada case) I think that's pretty funny. :laugh2:
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    Dunlop Strap locks

    Duct tape works great!!

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