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    Best Home Amp

    How about a late 60s Fender Champ. Best amp that I have ever owned for house use!
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    A Les Paul is really all you need

    I have a pretty good combination. I have a 60s Les Paul Standard and a Fender Esquire. To me that's perfect!
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    I did a thing (NGD)

    Beautiful guitar. Enjoy and have some fun!
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    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    I only have two Gibsons. 2019 Gibson Sg Special and a 2020 Gibson 60s Les Paul standard.
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    NGD - 2021 Slash Les Paul Standard Appetite Burst

    What a gorgeous top. Beautiful.
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    NGD: '99 LP Std Ebony

    Nice guitar! Enjoy.
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    NGD - First Post - Les Paul Standard 60s

    Beautiful guitar! Enjoy and have some fun too.
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    NGD 2017 LP Standard HP Bourbon Burst

    HNGD. That's a beautiful Les Paul. Enjoy and have some fun.
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    NGD Sweetwater AAA 60's Standard Lemonburst (yes another one)

    Beautiful guitar. Nice flame too!
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    2016 LP Traditional Plain Top

    Very nice guitar. Enjoy!
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    Should I go bourbon burst, unburst or triburst?

    Go for the Triburst. Those are beautiful.
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    Congrats on your new SG. They are great guitars for sure. Enjoy.
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    NGD 2011 Gibson LPC Silverburst

    Very nice guitar. Enjoy. :beer:
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    NGD - Standard 50s

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    Les Paul Blueberry Burst Traditional 2018

    Cool guitar. Enjoy.

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