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    MIM Stratocaster Classic 60s Neck Rosewood

    Classic 60's Rosewood Fender Neck. Off my last stratocaster. Best playing strat neck I've found. No buzz and frets are in great condition. Nick dark rosewood board. includes upgraded Kluson Tuners. $225 Shipped. PM or email for interest. Email faster: nhmorgan79 (at)
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    Callaham Pre-Wired S Model Pickguard

    Details: 1-Ply White Pickguard (I've had this about 8-9 years now and the white has aged a little as you can see if you look around the removed knobs in one picture). 8-Hole '54-mid-'59 Aluminum shielded Callaham Real '54 pickups Volume, Neck and Middle Tone, and Blender Pot $385 Retail $315...
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    Various Humbuckers: WB, WCR, Gibson

    Bump to add, open to reasonable offers for any or the whole batch.
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    Various Humbuckers: WB, WCR, Gibson

    WCR Darkburst neck pickup: $110 Shipped WB Custom Pickup. Will Boggs made this neck PU for me. Nice woody sound. $90 Shipped. Gibson BB1: $75 shipped. PM for interest.
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    Fool's Gold R8 on Reverb

    I know it's a mess, but I kinda like that. :wow:
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    Z Wreck Head F/S

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    Z Wreck Head F/S

    Selling just the head. Z Wreck with the maple front. Perfect condition and very little use. $2299 plus $15 shipping. Comes with Amp cover, original box and paperwork. Willing to consider trades for Fender Custom Shop relic.
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    F/S Dr Z Z Wreck Head and Cab

    Bump. Open to fair offers.
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    F/S Dr Z Z Wreck Head and Cab

    Willing to sell just the head for $2475 Shipped.
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    F/S Dr Z Z Wreck Head and Cab

    Face to face ;) Here are the specs (Dr. Z Amplification | Z Wreck) : it's 30 watts, but they aint your usual 30 watts. This thing is like a piece of nice furniture, but I promise your coffee table doesn't sound nearly this good!
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    F/S Dr Z Z Wreck Head and Cab

    I have a Dr Z Z Wreck head and matching cabinet for sale in perfect condition. $2700 shipped or FTF in Knoxville, Nashville, or Chattanooga. PM for interest.
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    2012 R9 - Another HM Thread

    Wow, that is a huge improvement! Nice!
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    Anyone Ever See This Before?

    It's sand through. Hit it with some finish and it will go back to being uniform. Now, about that binding...

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