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    What is the actual height for “as low as you can go without buzz?”

    What size shoes should I buy... Cheers
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    guitar buying rules to go by...

    Rule 1-10.... never buy a guitar from a guy in a top hat. Cheers
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    My other love...

    I live 6 miles from Pontiac Mi,...... You could not have the name Pontiac today as a brand, the "woke society" would not allow it. Pontiac was a native American/Michigan Indian chief.... Cheers
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    NGD! 2020 Ebony Classic

    Yes," Blow by Blow".... one of the greatest guitar albums of all time, you might want to check it out..... Cheers"
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    NGD! 2020 Ebony Classic

    "Blow by Blow"...... nice. Cheers
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    The Backing Track of the Month Threads (BTOTM) It's the business... check it out. You can download individual parts, I use it all the time. Cheers
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    Bye guys, it was fun.

    You joined three weeks ago,.... why am I typing... Cheers
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    Positive vibes, if you have one to spare...UPDATE:

    Vibes sent...... GLWJ. Cheers
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    I Want What Jimmy is on!

    Olympia Stadium 1975... 2nd best show I've ever seen, ...1977 Pontiac Silverdome, worst concert I've seen, Page was completely drunk, Jonsey was visibly pissed at the whole thing, and Plant was way off key on numerous songs, Bonham's solo was the shit though. What a difference in the two shows...
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    My new RD style guitar

    Love it!!! Nice work. Cheers
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    Carnak the Great

    Sorry to say it , but it's true as the sun. Johnny would turn over in his grave if he had to watch the one that will air tonight...... Cheers

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