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    Satin Les Paul Traditional Scratching Really Easily

    Yup. That's why most new satin finishes suck. They look and feel thin (good) but since they are often done on unfilled wood and sprayed as thinly as possible and not sanded back to level, they both scratch and dent easily and show marks from this very readily. Makers love this finish because it...
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    Funny Standard For Sale Online - Read For A LOL

    A Gibbo is way better than a Gibson. For a genuine Gibbo, that's cheap.
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    Reclaiming Vintage Nitrocellulose Lacquer

    Well, you can also dissolve any paint, stain, etc with that lacquer thinner, which along with all the grit and gunk driven into the finish over time you should have a batch of crap that is indeed, partically, old once-hardened lacquer. How this would possibly be desirable is beyond me. I can't...
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    Norlin Era, Err...Plectrum?

    That brings back priceless old memories from back in the day... of never using that kind of pick. One reason it's still around is that maybe 6 people on Earth were using jazz-style picks. As is often the case, the stuff that survives is the stuff no one used.
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    75w was just enough

    I'm glad this is all in writing, because my hearing can't take those levels. Ever since I saw Cream from the 4th row in the New Haven Arena (true) I've had trouble with...what?...what did you say? that the phone?...what? did you say something?
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    Am I The Only One?

    I guess that if appearance is a fundamental criterion for choosing a guitar, then a veneered burst with a "close enough" headstock will fit the bill for many. And of course a decent Epi will play and sound OK, and a good one will be a good one. Still, the Gibson-like new headstock is (by design)...
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    NVGD: 55 to 59 Conversion

    I'm a fan of good conversions. I don't think players or owners have to be museum curators with some obligation to preserve every guitar in the original state. A pristine, intact example is one thing, but 99% of the guitars out there are not that. IMO, you improved this guitar hugely! And as for...
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    Would like to fret level a neck for the first time. Need advice.

    We still don't know what the actual situation is. Before doing anything, I would locate the source of the problem. Maybe it's two unseated frets! Do this before you start working on the whole fretboard! It may well be that the best fix will be a whole leveling and recrowning, but make sure you...
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    What’s the best practice to “melt” and hide the tuners marks?

    I would not spray over the stamp even if I knew it woudn't melt/blur. There's too much nonsense about faked numbers for me to do anything but leave that bit stock. I think it would be easy to mask only the stamp area and spray/feather the entire back of the headstock as one surface. That being...
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    NGD: 2019 Chicago Music Exchange Les Paul Jr Tribute - Worn TV Yellow

    This model's deviations from the original, classic design (notably, usinf the pickguard to mount tothe electronics) have allowed Gibson to shift its materials/build costs to areas that deliver greatest value to many players. IMO, these are a lean, clean, attractive design and I hope a wide...
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    I Couldn't Part With Her

    Liking one and wanting to hang onto it makes sense; thinking that there is some kind of special fit that can never be duplicated by other guitars doesn't, at least to me. Virtually every guitarist I know moves from one guitar to another over time; most have several they play at any given time...
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    Is my LP "rare-ish"?

    Studios are great value for money, so even when old and sort of uncommon, they are what they are. That's a terrific looking guitar that likely plays and sounds great. In the market, it would attract players, not collectors -- another plus, in my book, though it limits value. The while Gibson was...
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    Pickup covers for Classic?

    Quite to the contrary, I find covers to be an improvement, not a potential problem. I like the very minor attenuation of ultra-highs -- it's never a problem getting treble, IMO! -- and I definitely like the shielding and cleaner surface. As others point out, making sure you've got covers that...
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    Fret Quest

    I wonder how many players experience what you describe as a problem. I certainly don't, and I've been playing a vast variety of guitars, scale lengths, and fret sizes/spacing my whole life. If there's any limitation, it's my fingering, not the fret spacing.
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    NGD: 2019 Les Paul Standard 50s HCS

    Great, great guitar. I don't know what "hype" you are referring to when talking about current Gibsons. As far as I can tell, the company is mostly communicating specs and descriptions in a pretty objective, uninflated way. And the widespread praise for current production LPs is not hype -- it's...

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