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    Check out John Sabastian's LP

    Loved the Spoonful from Day One; Kama Sutra records, no less. (Kama Sutra had an interesting stable of acts, that's for sure.) Saw them many times and they always exemplified a focus on the audience, a love of musical performance and connection, and authentic, usually joyful, emotion...
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    Kill me! The defiling of a '54 GT

    Just another hack job in which someone with poor judgment, lame aesthetics, and mediocre skills pursues their passion, yielding something no one wants. From cars to houses, a small % of semi-wacko owners take this misdirection. It's like an accident on the freeway -- awful, and reduces the...
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    Lets see those Les Paul control cavities!

    When you wrote about control casvity photos, for some reason I instantly thought of the video of my last colonoscopy. My bad. I need to spend even more time on guitar stuff.
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    NGD: 2021 Standard 50s Heritage Cherry

    Chibson! Just kidding -- that's a wonderful guitar, and your family photos are beautiful shots.
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    FIRST Gibson Les Paul to be auctioned off. What's the deal?

    Yup -- nails it and much more meaningful.
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    Nut cutting

    The sharping is typical of a string being fretted hard at that position (though other causes abound), and particularly with a very light string, this can be pronounced. If it's not heavy fretting, then it could be any number of things. It is not possible to be sure that string height at the...
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    Using paint as fake binding

    PRS turned real binding, which often has a purpose, into a merely decorative effect. I think their "faux" binding looks OK but is a complete joke since it's really a cheesy shortcut. Real binding has a purpose, as done correctly with the right material, it resists dings and hacks at the...
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    Raising a Nut Slot

    I have a file that is exactly the width of a saddle blank. If I overdo a nut slot, I can file a slot perpendicular to the nut, to whatever depth is needed, and then superglue a piece of the saddle - which fits the slot exactly -- and then file all excess flush before reslotting this patch. It...
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    Strap locks help

    Uh oh, another strap lock thread. I know no one who has ever damaged a guitar by having it fall off its strap; I know lots of people who dinged their top with a Schaller on the end of a loose strap, or who almost dropped their guitar because they "thought" they had engaged the lock successfully...
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    How Do You Insure Your Guitar Collection?

    Gated community, locked doors.
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    NGD after a long hiatus...

    Agreed! I find the relentless precisely-pinstriped look, available on every crap veneered Epiphone, to be an annoying bore. In "The Beauty of the Burst," the really gorgeous tops have individuality, life, and variation to them. Some of the best guitars there have flitch match tops. or waves. I...
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    New Guitar Daze - NGD x 3

    Just to be sure, by "she" do you mean the SG or your fiance? More seriously, my '87 Reissue '61 LP/SG Custom is my favorite guitar, period. I don't know how the PUs are wired on yours, but I use "Frampton" wiring that gives access to some outstanding tones by being able to blend in the middle...
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    The 2015 Wider Neck

    I don't own a 2015 as I dislike the crap features Gibson tried to force on their customers, and I hate that way of doing business -- but the wider neck (slightly wider, to be accurate) is, IMO, fine. If anything, I like it a bit more, burt I have fat fingers and always like more room than most...
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    Can I get my refund on my silverburst?

    Not a fan of what yellowing "clearcoat" does over certain colors. The Chinery "Blue Guitar" collection went from innovative and arresting to effing ugly as those instruments, built by many different "expert" luthiers had their finish change in really bad ways, mostly to a sickly greenish blue...
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    Vintage Norlin SCORE - '77 Gibson Walnut RD Custom!!!

    Wow, is that ever pristine. On the other hand, when guitars go unplayed, it's often because no one really loves playing them. IMO, that pfetboard is a poor visual complement to walnut, and the shape overall was a decent idea but kind of grossly done -- specifically, that fat lower horn. But to...

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