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    Original Vintage 1962 Gibson SG/Les Paul Standard, NEW VIDEO!

    Aftermarket fixes for those abominable trems are a real service. I love my stoptail! Can't stand the added junk of those laughable trems. This thread reminds us that the SG was one of the few guitars that Gibson really designed in a full and purposeful manner. For me, the 3PU LP/Custom is my...
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    Is this Gibson Les Paul Custom Legit?

    Great comments -- and facts! -- from PierM. You might find a higher asking price than $2500 in some areas, if the guitar really is in the good condition that it appears to be in the pics, and if it plays and sounds good. Of course, the changed plastics are a small (very small) negative; easily...
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    Rubbing Wet Alcohol Tissue on Nitro Finish?

    As long as there are sticky necks, thoughtless experimenters, obsessive cleaners and polishers, and an abundance of destructive options out there, this thread and the innumerable others like it will thrive. As long as steel wool and silicone-based products are on the market, this thread will...
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    New Epiphone headstock???

    The Vivian shape is, IMO, the best of the numerous Epi headstocks. It was common when I was beginning playing -- say, late 60s -- and most people "read" it just as posters here suggest: as a representation of relationship to, but not identical with, Gibson. I thought it delivered a good message...
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    Marshall Studio Vintage High Treble -- Too High Treble?

    Back to the OP. You say you "adore" the amp, but what you describe sounds crappy, and though few posts are dealing with it, possibly problematic, too. You should not find the amp increasing in noise (to any strongly audible level, that is) as you turn down the treble. I agree with those who say...
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    Marshall Origin 20H + Marshall Code 412 or Marshall Origin 20 Combo

    Am I reading it correctly, and after all the advice here and analysis, you made a decision on impulse when drunk? Anyway, for what it's worth-- probably nothing, now--it's worth thinking about what speakers are for before you jump into buying cabs based on brand and appearance, all of which are...
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    Are there any venues left where you can't mic an amp?

    Like martin H, I encounter venues with limited mikes/channels and mediocre speakers. So the overall sound is often a mix of our amps and reinforcement. I/we have learned to make this work pretty well. It's never really fantastic, but rarely bad. But yes, my own amp tone/volume is critical to my...
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    Can A Power Source Impact Amp Tone?

    Some say that the actual voltage delivered through wall outlets can vary from location to location, so that's a possibility. Of course, wiring can also deliver all kinds of noise and interference, though that would not account for the effect you describe. I'm guessing either a voltage difference...
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    Replacement switch tip for Les Paul Studio (2009)

    Inexplicable, unless Gibson's changed the actual switch in the Studios. They want standardized parts -- for their own repairs and aftermarket sales -- so this is just weird unless the switch threads got thrashed.
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    Need help with odd vintage Gibson ES-335

    What makes you think Gibson did the neck work? Might someone else have re-necked it with a recycled neck? The way the parts match up loos a little clumsy in the pic; the heel is not symmetrical. Good luck getting an answer. There are some real experts in this Forum.
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    Suspicious "shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    Well, best to focus on what you can actually do now rather than what posters say they would have done had they been the buyer, or trying to read minds and hearts of people we don't even know. If the guitar was properly packed as you say, and the recipient makes the claim he has made, then you...
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    Any info on this LP, I’m considering buying

    Pointless to try valuing the LP based on those pictures. Who sends blurred images these days? To a prospective buyer? Yeesh.
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    Duane Allman 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Up for Sale

    Dick Banks got it right. At that level, it's a matter of what the object is worth to a particular individual. Its general worth is of course way, way less, but for some buyers, dollars are insignificant and personal compulsions rule. If I could never resell the guitar -- this one, any one -- I...
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    PSA MF SDOTH Les Paul Studio

    Maybe I'm the only one who sees "Special Limited Edition" attached to "Studio" who just responds with the question, "I wonder what pointless and mediocre minor change they made in order to pretend that there's something unique and valuable about this decent budget guitar?"
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    Gibson Rosewood fingerboard

    I don't know. Since the quality and treatment of the RW they use is so lousy, maybe they're giving you more of it to balance things off... Honestly, the light, rough Gibson fretboards that have become standard make me long for the days of Richlite. I have no idea how Gibson gets away with such...