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    Developing Better Picking Technique And Speed

    Set yourself small goals, economy and raking 10 mins a day each. If you stick to your drills you will get better. Sometimes it takes a long time to get your drills down but enjoy the small wins rewarding yourself with little treats like guitar gear when you nail something. Practice and reward...
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    Strat bridge p'up w/o tone pot?

    Id go for a volume pot and fine tune it with a cap and trim pot from the pickup hot to ground ti fine tune, you could even throw this on a push pull volume pot so you can access the tonal change as needed. A nice thread was posted about adjusting the resonant peak with a cap/resistor to ground...
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    Tone Caps, Bright Caps, Input Impedance & Other Nerding

    Its nice to see some sense on the topic of capacitance and tone, i hope alot of ppl open this thread... well put guys
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    Does Anyone Use An E.Q. Pedal As A Clean Boost?

    As long as it pulls off the effect your going for go for it. The great thing about the eq is as you know, you can change the amps colour so yiu can get really close to matching the amps natural voicing or push it to a new sound. For a more natural volume boost throw the eq in the loop, turn up...
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    Earthquaker Devices - Limited edition Sunno))) Life Pedal

    Nope it sux give it to me because i suck too :dude:
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    play metal... give a gate some credit

    As some of you know im a big metal fan, i went the purist approach for years, searching for that heavy tone that tickles. Its not just the excess noise, but the feel changes when you add gating to your saturated licks. I recently got myself an amp with the option to gate the amp as you please...
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    Who here uses a buffer ?

    Area 51 buffer here, if i engage the loop on my amp i loose something if I don't have a buffer right after the send, its not a line level loop. I Also have the buffer engaged in the Boss ES8, again it keep some attack and guitars natural high end in there like ive pluged straight into the front...
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    Boss Katanas are impressive ss amps!

    Sorry ive been in hospital to have the tonsils out with a mild infection to follow, now back in hospital when my body went into sepsis and hopefully out tomorrow. Fun times, when i get home, get back on top of the chores and such ill get onto a katana EQ tutorial... Im still here kicking strong...
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    Oil and electricity - Interesting...

    I wasnt trying to make a point so much, more just sharing an interesting find on oil and electricity, very odd the way they behave together, maybe i should have posted in backstage, its not really tone related but thought some here would enjoy watching. Keep the good spirit alive and i hope you...
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    Oil and electricity - Interesting...

    So once again my research on minute details has led me into thinking way too much about PIO caps, and stumbled on this interesting video, I mean hey, we all love a magic show and this may have those 'scientific proof or its not true' open their minds to the unknown in cap tone, prob not though...
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    Are OD Pedals MEANT For Tube Amps?

    Those amps are why the term pedal platform came into fruition...
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    Are OD Pedals MEANT For Tube Amps?

    No i tried an od and even boosts into it... Not great, very thin and harsh compared to the tube amp with od pedals
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    What is the best fuzz to hit a (more then mild but not heavily) distorted amp?

    Muffs sound best into a broken up amp, especially green russian types, that EQD hoif is great into a clipped plexi style amp, clean its a bit harsh but with crunch it gets all creamy
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    Are OD Pedals MEANT For Tube Amps?

    Slaved i to a tube power amp and its something between tube and digital, very nice for hard crunch or distortion!
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    Are OD Pedals MEANT For Tube Amps?

    It is 100% digital, prob the closest ive seen anyone come to tube dynamics in a digital amp though, i mean it is solid state no doubt about it, but its the most musical solid state ive tried in my life

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