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    Pickup suggestions please

    check out a seymour duncan pearly gates for the bridge....gigged with pu for 6 plus years
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    Got a new Goldtop Standard and ... not loving it

    yes this= just move the cap on the volume pot only..dunno why they make it more confusing with this diagram
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    Hawk Series

    prob a 498 .... did you check the solder joints to see if its a replacement ??
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    22nd fret bends on B & high E choke

    raise those two strings up?
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    Need a little (or maybe a lot?) help with an LPC p/u swap

    un solder the pu then remove what he said.....dimarzio wire wire goes to pot the other grounded the other two taped together....if its too much hand it off to somebody else
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    Hagstrom Swede - Fret divots a deal breaker?

    not the divots I would be worried you can see the last pic the frets look round...the headstock down frets look flat with another poster said you would have to take them down then make them round...or make them round...dunno hard to tell from pics
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    Hagstrom Swede - Fret divots a deal breaker?

    tell him the cost of a good fret dressing..../??? then meet him halfway with the fees off the guitar price.... I do mine myself every string change so this never happens
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    Weird buzz on 5th string of Les Paul

    might be the nut
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    laquer crack or neck break

    I wouldn't worry about it but would ask for a discount because of the placement of the crack......but I have repaired my own Les Paul's with broken pegheads before ... some folks claim they sound better after gluing them up= but I dunno bout that...???
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    Is Seymour Duncan Phat Cat best humbucker direct replacement for PAF tone?

    for a cleaner tone use the coil tap option thats why its there....
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    Lost It

    should have charged this dude for a diagnosis??? who is the store that smeared yoU???? that's who I would be mad at....they did shoddy work then capped on you
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    Guitar Center CS Stock

    candy store....
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    Did I get taken on this guitar?

    mmguitarbar is a little expensive...
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    LP Tobacco Burst Finish Wear. Is There a Way to Fix This?

    I wish mine looked like that...honest play wear...
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    tried a couple of expensive boutique amps

    Thanks man....yeah I was put off at first by the pcb construction but its all sozo sprague high end alien tech in the Bogners...I got a great great price on the head and really love the amp....delay and overdrive when needed is the only pedals in play......its plug and play which is another...

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