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    Nibs or No Nibs, which do you prefer?

    I know I’m in the minority, but I don’t like nibs although I like nice neck binding & frets covering fretboard over binding just works out better for me with my style of playing using bending, just my personal preference and I don’t see a right or wrong with either choice, although I do prefer...
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    2016 Traditional

    Beautiful guitar! You’re not alone, I really don’t like that bridge pickup, have tried a few things that were better, next is a used set of CS Pearly Gates into my Traditional, fingers crossed..
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    Where’s my media?

    Thanks! - I went ahead and re-entered everything, probably just as well since I got rid of some things by losing it. Appreciate it.
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    Why do I hate strats? And do I need therapy?

    I agree 100%! Before the RIs were available I could only look at them in photos of my guitar hero’s who had the originals, and this light weight burst really sounds and feels great, just like an old friend every time I pick it up after I’ve been playing others for awhile, by far my most played...
  5. 141715E9-1AE1-42B7-AA1D-BEC7ABC43940.jpeg


    pedalboard from days gone by
  6. 0373141C-EA44-4489-8733-37630C81531A.jpeg


  7. D38D79F3-B4AE-4046-A4D1-0AFF0403CE31.jpeg


    Glendale AZ ‘81
  8. E91160F7-85CA-4635-9EE6-6A53671731D7.jpeg


    Tempe AZ ‘82
  9. F2FE0541-A6E6-4AED-A47E-9D658B033047.jpeg


    me & my brother at our brother’s wedding
  10. 96805BC2-A360-4B41-81B1-50774B75241A.jpeg


    Downriver ‘79
  11. 133D80BA-2CAF-4132-A740-78BDEFCE4326.jpeg


    a few of my companions from age 18
  12. 82C470C2-245D-49ED-9712-C4F562F7C94F.jpeg


    couple of Lovepedals
  13. 7C86529F-6C38-4A5A-8098-8F09485239BF.jpeg


    pulled this off of the wall in a nice little guitar shop while visiting a friend in Lakeland FLA, was going through withdrawal
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    EE613169-616C-4F4D-B908-A82E6B4A8AC2.jpeg my brother liked to work on cars and, well you can guess which one I am!
  15. AE2C6CE4-021C-4A5C-B7D2-B7D15EA7000E.jpeg


    Foxrox Captain Coconut, love this thing

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