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    The Official ORANGE AMPS Love-Fest Thread

    I put them on my 112, so that my wife can roll it out when cleaning :)
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    What mods have you done to your reissue.

    Nothing much. A bit of work on the nut slots to lower the strings at that end. Lightly knocked off a few edges on the nibs with 2000 grit. 2000 grit to dull the pickguard, rings and tuning keys. Shiny plastic isn't in keeping with the VOS finish IMO. Dulled the neck a bit with a scotchbrite pad...
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    Difference between historic pickguard and "normal" pickguard ?

    The prpg-050 guard on my R8 is 0.1" or 2.55mm. The pickup spacing is 2.32" or 59mm.
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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    My first attempt.
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    Gibson USA factory tour

    Did the Memphis tour while on holiday last year. Even my wife enjoyed it. :)
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    Nut height slightly uneven

    Not when the slots are cut properly. Take a look at the Gibson spec sheet for an example.
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    Does my Les Paul Tribute have a bad nut?

    I think I'm seeing nut sauce rather than glue.
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    Nut Files....Recommendations?

    I'm pleased that you like them. I ordered a set yesterday.
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    A dedication to the guy at Guitar Center who may or may not have a job much longer...

    You are clearly delighted at the thought of a kid losing his job. Well done, you must be so proud.
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    Frustrated with my picking technique

    Use a paper punch and put two holes in the upper part of the pick 1/8" apart. Helped with my grip.
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    2016 Gibson 58 Historic 50's wiring

    You're welcome. I don't know the answer to your question.
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    Can't Believe What These Strings Have Done...

    My B string is an 11 :)
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    2016 Gibson 58 Historic 50's wiring

    They are not. The middle lug is bent over and soldered, the right lug has been snipped off. same as my 2013 R8.

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