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    Not bait! Real question. R9 vs newer Standard 50’s

    I’ve owned an R9 or R0 since walking into CME about 10 years ago and wondering what could possibly be worth such a large upcharge for a historic. The regular USA LPs just feel different. That’s still true with the 2020 models.
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    Were there black beauty + bigsby reissues before 2013?

    I think the vibramate was available back then. I had a 3-pickup gold 57 LPC and added a gold B7 vibramate
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    NOGD 1959 Double Cut Special TV Yellow

    Last question - two pots did not clean up on their own. Can someone recommend a contact cleaner?
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    Reissue's VS Heritage.....

    I don’t know details, but from afar the way Gibson (Henry J) treated him before the bankruptcy was wrong and even though I don’t know him, I’m glad to hear he is putting his considerable skills and expertise to work. I’ve owned a few Heritage guitars and I’ve had some good ones but one LP-style...
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    NOGD 1959 Double Cut Special TV Yellow

    Thank you !
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    NOGD 1959 Double Cut Special TV Yellow

    so I have two quick questions for the experts: 1. Do I need to worry about the tuners breaking? If so, can anyone recommend no-drill, replacement tuners that are visually identical, use the exact same screw holes and also lightweight. Lightweight is important as the guitar almost has...
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    NOGD 1959 Double Cut Special TV Yellow

    Can someone thank you!
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    NOGD 1959 Double Cut Special TV Yellow

    My first vintage piece. I’m a player, not a collector, but my friend has a stake in a vintage dealership and they had an event near me. I knew they were bringing this guitar and I was curious. I brought my amp, plugged it in and ... well, that was it. This particular old guitar sounds fantastic...
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    I’m going to gig my Braz R9

    Hey OP here. Just for perspective I’ve gigged my Reissues throughout the years in all kinds of late night bars and situations and used common sense as best as possible, ie keep in case during breaks, don’t leave alone as best as possible, etc. I’ve had only one “near” mishap where an...
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    Big vs Huge?

    I'll play: measurements at first fret 0.84 and below slim 0.86 comfy 0.88 big 0.90 huge 0.92 massive
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    I’m going to gig my Braz R9

    I think my best sounding guitar is my 2018 R9 with a braz board. Before the shutdown, I was reluctant to gig with it because it is really expensive and I was a little afraid to take it out. But it is a joy to play, especially loud when the guitar really opens up. I have a new band and we...
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    For those with multiple Les Paul Reissues, Do you have a #1?

    I’m this way. I have an R9, an R0 and a 68RI and the one that I think sounds best varies from day to day. Which is weird, frustrating and beautiful at the same time
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    Tell me about the recent years' (2015 onward) 1968 LP Custom Reissues

    My 2018 ‘68 RI has more of a D carve than a C. It is also thinner than an R9, probably a 60 V2.
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    Evaluating used condition on factory-distressed instruments.

    This is one reason I love relics.

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