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    Happy Birthday LtDave!

    Happy Birthday Dave Wish you all the best
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    I like this Ltd guitar !!

    Played both and didn’t feel that much difference in fretboard radius..
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    In market for a new Amp...

    I did.. I wasn’t trying the amp itself.. I was trying the PlexiTone pedal and it sounded awesome on the Friedman clean channel... way different that how it sounds on my Laney Having the amp totally out of budget makes me not interested in even trying it to be honest
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    In market for a new Amp...

    This will happen one day sooner or later... but not yet.. not yet :)
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    In market for a new Amp...

    No.. no.. no.. no Ordering big/valuable stuff to Egypt is a suicide :) Customs/charges/damages are unexpectable here
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    In market for a new Amp...

    Just for info.. The Friedman is a SmallBox 50 head and it is almost double the price of the Marshall JVM !!!
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    In market for a new Amp...

    I am a 100% bedroom player.. no band.. no gigs.. very rare jamming and I never take the amp out of my house.. I want a big amp just as a treat to myself rather than buying guitars and guitars :) There is a Friedman here in Egypt as well but it is 100 head and very expensive
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    In market for a new Amp...

    Yeah I played this particular one in the picture at a friend’s house... it was beautiful but very loud.. I wonder if I can get that tone with lower Master volume.. otherwise, attenuator would be a must !
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    In market for a new Amp...

    Hello friends It is just as simple as title says... I am starting the journey for a new amp.. My Laney IRT Studio did the job for the past few years but now I am done with it.. It has been just used as a power amp now for more than a year I am looking for a real tone.. I lean towards Marshall...
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    Question about effectively shielding a LP using shielding paint?

    Did it with my R8 and I regret it big time.. I just made the cavity looks ugly with almost no improvement in noise I can’t deny that mine was poorly done by a careless tech here in Egypt... but still I don’t recommend it
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    NAD - Mesa Boogie Mark 2C++

    What are these comments? You have a lot of enemies now I think :laugh2: Envy kills ! For a metal fan, this amp is a beast and i like the tone.. first chord gave me goosebumps ! Enjoy it to the max !
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    Is it the time to trade my R8 ?

    I am totally convinced... No Deal :)
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    Neck dent at my aged historic LP

    From size and location of the dent, I think it doesn’t bother in playing... I would leave it as well
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    How important are looks to you?

    This is how I choose a guitar: 1. Look 2. Playability 3. Tone

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