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    Les Paul Classic Love: Show It Off

    2000 classic plus with throbaks next to 1993 custom.
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    You can buy only one guitar, 1999 classic or 2004 standard, same money both heritage cherry burst.

    They are both great choices. I had a 2003 standard that I sold for a 2000 classic but sight-unseen, I would lean toward the standard because the pickups are nicer in my opinion, the flame top is a plus and the 2002-2005 standards are the last of the non-chambered/modern weight relieved...
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    1978 Wine Red Left Handed Custom: Overpriced or just right?

    I had a ‘74 custom that had separation of the top seams. Les Paul rule of thumb, it’s never ‘just the finish’. That’s a $1500 guitar tops.
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    What is a small thing that makes a big difference to your LP?

    An aluminum tailpiece makes a noticeable change in sound. It will sound brighter.
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    1969 routed deluxe

    1969 is my year of birth. I have no interest in it otherwise.
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    1969 routed deluxe

    Pancakes it’s is. A new photo which reveals a little more. I am guessing an early ‘70 at this point. Which now leaves little interest in it for me.
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    1969 routed deluxe

    I’m still waiting on more photos. One thing that has me concerned is the small ‘mark’ near the upper-left corner of the neck pickup ring. That is the location where a tack hole from a goof-hider ring would be.
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    1969 routed deluxe

    No made in the USA stamp.
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    1969 routed deluxe

    I have a minor interest in buying it only if it’s a ‘69. I will see if I can get pics of the side of the body.
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    1969 routed deluxe

    What do you guys think this is worth? Story goes; 1969 Les Paul deluxe routed with ‘72 embossed humbuckers, stripped paint, replaced tuners. Anybody have a guess of the market value? Sorry for the pics, not mine.
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    1979 Standard (natural)

    I personally like natural finish standards. Get your Marc Ford on.
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    What Is This Goldtop?

    I don’t believe it was a 50s or a no-binding 52. The photos are horrible but if you look closely it appears as if the fingerboard binding came off. It looks like moisture damage on the fretboard. The inlays look like late 60s and the white nylon saddles are definitely 60s. The top carve looks...
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    What Is This Goldtop?

    Forgive me if this is not in the correct forum, Local metro detroit craigslist ad for an old goldtop. What do you guys think? It old and looks like moisture has gotten to it. No binding... kinda looks like the binding came off. Nylon saddles...’68...
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    NGD Classic Premium Plus, Vintage Burst Black Back

    Beautiful classic! Congrats. These are great guitars. Are you going to keep the pickups stock?

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