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    What amps are you all playing through?

    This one:
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    Let's See Your Bedroom Rig

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    The Dutchburst is for sale!

    Gibson original 1960 Les Paul – the Dutchburst - Max Guitar Store
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    Who has a covered neck pickup and uncovered bridge pickup in their Reissue?

    Yes I did. I did not post in the thread because it was old. It was the tailpiece!!! Something metallic was buzzing there!!! I swapped it with another one and the buzz is gone
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    Historic Les 'em!

    06 Murphy R7
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    NAD - Victoria Silver Sonic

    This is a fantastic amp! Congrats! I have a Gretsch Variety made by Victoria (same as this one but with 6L6) and it is great.
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    What amps are you guys using!

    This little monster...Gretsch Variety G6164
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    R7 weird buzzzzzzzing.....everywere! (+vids)

    Hi guys, The problem is not solved yet. Currently I am on summer holidays and I will deal with the buzzing again after a couple of weeks. I am also thinking of trying an other tailpiece (just because it is the only part I did not check) before taking the guitar to a tech to see what is going...
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    R7 weird buzzzzzzzing.....everywere! (+vids)

    This is what I think also. But as I can see at the truss-rod construction in the following picture, the only place that something could rattle is the anchor area... it is the only place with a metal to metal contact and the rattling seems also to come from that area... I will have to...
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    R7 weird buzzzzzzzing.....everywere! (+vids)

    Is that possible? Isn't it elastic?
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    R7 weird buzzzzzzzing.....everywere! (+vids)

    Well...I believe that it is related with the truss-rod... I had a bit of relief at the neck and I adjusted the truss-rod. I made it more flat and raised the action a little bit. The rattling is less noticeable and slightly different than before :hmm:
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    R7 weird buzzzzzzzing.....everywere! (+vids)

    Just checked....same:( Did anybody experience something similar? Do any of your guitars make any bell like sound if you knock on the neck with the strings muted?
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    R7 weird buzzzzzzzing.....everywere! (+vids)

    You cannot hear it through the amp.
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    R7 weird buzzzzzzzing.....everywere! (+vids)

    I did some audio files: At the first you can listen to the sound that comes from inside the neck when I knock the guitar like a door. The strings are muted. sound from inside the neck At the second you can hear the rattling at several frets, including the 22th rattling As I said...

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