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    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's in Bourbon Burst (with some new pics!)

    Congrats, love reading stories like yours where there's a considerable amount of thought and effort that's been invested pre-purchase. Glad you are happy with it... only gonna get better with age!
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    Stealing guitars.. sooo bad

    DISCLAIMER: My viewpoint may be different or seem skewed to many on here as I don't live in America. I hope I can put across my opinion without causing too much upset or getting my post taken down :oops: I'm of the belief that these low-life losers that loot are already low-life losers. They...
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    Joe Bonamassa Nerdville West guitar collection visit and photos with the infamous Burst "Snakebite" & JJ Blair.

    Very cool, man you're a lucky guy. Thanks for sharing the photos with us all :)
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    My intro to CS - 60th Anniversary 59

    That's awesome, what a sweet looking RI. Bet she growls! Enjoy and play the hell outta it
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    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Thanks. Yep, good guessing. East coast of the South Island, New Zealand
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    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Had a good morning in the hills yesterday, just short of 30 miles Set out just after 5am and made my way over to the coast, was on the trails for the sunrise and took the opportunity to stop and watch it come up over the sea. It warmed my bones, just magical. Here's a couple of other photos...
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    Short video • My 1990 Strat into a SS Vox

    Hey guys. So here's my #1 guitar, had a refret done a few months back and it's really bought it back to life Had a chance to have a few minutes tonight before the kids went to bed, just running into my little SS Vox Pathfinder with a T-Rex Reverb and XVive Golden Brownie for support. Volume...
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    VOS Finish still the same?

    I've seen a few other RI's from 2015 to present and none had a glossy finish on either the body or the neck. Not saying they no longer do that type of finish, but you can definitely get a nice old looking VOS finish I have a 2018 R8, very thin nitro and no glossiness anywhere. Easily the...
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    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Yeah, I'm lucky that I have the Port Hills right on my doorstep I'm in New Zealand, east coast of the South Island
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    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Morning run in the hills, stopped to watch the sunrise Nice morning for it, perfect weather and nobody around. 22 miles all up in 3hrs
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    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    Hit the Port Hills early this morning with our small run club (five of us), got a great photo just before sunrise. About to head back down...
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    Bruce Dickersons ex found dead...........

    I thought it was where Bananaman lived. A few doors out though
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    Would you buy this Reissue Forgot to add Wildwood Spec

    If it played and sounded great and the price was right, then sure I'd consider it. Looks are important to a degree but no good having the best looking LP made from dead wood
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    R9 2018 Case - Grey Padding

    I use a folded up flannel that sits in the gap where the neck sits by the case compartment. If you do this you'll notice that it raises the headstock up away from the base of the case a little. Might just be enough to avoid headstock damage or a break if the case takes a hit to that area FWIW I...

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