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    Got my GNR tickets

    I'll always be a fan but I ain't doin it. Not to take away from anyone who is excited to see them.
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    My new 2013 Trad

    2013 Trads FTW!
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    Is Gibson 2016 back to normal?

    Best Buy Canada is selling 2015 Traditionals for $1999 on sale, which seems like a good price for Canada but they're gforce. So depends on your tastes. Gibson 2015 Les Paul Electric Guitar (LPTD15TONH1) - Tobacco Sunburst : Electric Guitars - Best Buy Canada
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    NGD 2013 Traditional

    Having previously had a 2010 Trad and this one, I have concluded the 57 Classics are great pickups. I have some SD Alnico IIs but I don't even think I should put them in.
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    NGD 2013 Traditional

    Thanks, honey burst by far my fav modern finish.
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    NGD 2013 Traditional

    Well it's been a while since I've been lurking around here, just found as good an excuse to post as any... show & tell: Bought used: 2013 Traditional Honey Burst Hitting 4-0 in a week or so, this is my bday present... to me. No really you shouldn't have, oh but I did. Price was good enough...
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    I'm In NOLA!

    I wish i had time, i'd like to check out the wwii museum.
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    I'm In NOLA!

    I'm here for business only though so I can't do much. I'm going to be taken out for crawdads and to the French Quarter but there will be no time to poke around. The wall of heat here was something stepping out of the airport... Good lord, I don't know how you people go outside in this.
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    I Can Finally Play This Jazz Fusion Lick

    ...and in time too... I dig these funky, jazzy licks. Original video from YT I learned from. and just for fun, muh pedals..
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    Mad Men Marathon

    Ol Dapper Draper. Women love men in suits. I went for coffee today and put on casual shoes, jeans, tshirt and a Calvin Klein blazer.. women took second looks.
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    Anyone Know Techs In GTA That Know Ibanez

    Just inside brampton .. mavis & steeles area
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    Anyone Know Techs In GTA That Know Ibanez

    I have a used MIJ Ibanez with the Original Edge Tremolo. After tuning, it goes out of tune slightly after moderate use of the arm. Not sure. Everything looks in good shape hardware wise. I think I need a tech in the Toronto - Mississauga area who knows these trems to get it working as it...
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    Ah yes, imaginary numbers. Like my pay raises over the last several years.
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    TSA Screeners and Groped Passengers

    Who could have foreseen this coming?
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    Nah, this was the subject of the last episode of Nova.

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