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    Alex Lifeson Epiphone

    I was wondering the same thing.
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    Fs: 1977 Gibson Mini Humbucker !

    This is from my 77 Les Paul Deluxe
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    Let us see your Deluxe

    I just purchased this one: 1977 with vintage Super Distortion pickup and Schallar tuners with nice chainsaw case!
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    NGD! 1977 Les Paul Deluxe !

    I want to put a P90 in the neck, so if anyone has a P90 from the 70s I would trade!
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    NGD! 1977 Les Paul Deluxe !

    The neck seems narrowed, but like you mentioned big shouldered! I can actually play an F chord in the first fret with it. I have arthritis in my first finger, and the F chord has been difficult on most necks. Also it came with a really nice chain saw case!
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    NGD! 1977 Les Paul Deluxe !

    It is in very good condition for its age. I got it for a fair price, though it’s the most I’ve paid for a guitar. It was way below the cost of other Deluxes around the time. I think this on has a one piece mahogany body and three piece maple top. I have to replace the jack, though. It’s got a...
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    1979 Standard One Piece Top

    Awesome, congratulations!
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    NGD! 1977 Les Paul Deluxe !

    I just got this guitar yesterday! It has Tom Scholz from Boston mods (vintage DiMarzio Super Distortion pickup and Schaler tuners)!
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    Trade: 1977 Gibson Mini Humbucker for 1970s Gibson P90

    Looking to trade my 1977 Gibson Mini Humbucker for a 1970s Gibson P90.
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    Alex Lifeson Epiphone

    I've been playing mine and I am quite happy with it! The Floyd works fine, It does need a set up, but everything else works great! Thanks Alex and Epiphone! I'm not a beginner, but I am a working man!
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    Epiphone Les Paul Modern Caribbean Blue w CASE!!!

    Awesome Guitar!!
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    Alex Lifeson Epiphone

    Mine has been shipped! It should arrive 7/7!
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    Alex Lifeson Epiphone

    How did you find out about it’s release? I saw the Email from Epiphone on 6/15, and I was all over it!
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    Alex Lifeson Epiphone

    Sam Ash said they only had only three. Zounds assures me I ordered in the first wave, Andy July 8th is the expected day, but that’s like an empty promise.
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    Alex Lifeson Epiphone

    I preordered mine from Zounds, he said they had 23 scheduled for delivery (mine was #19) , June 23. I know I will not hold my breath! Rush fan since 1976!

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