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    Helping my friend own his first Les Paul.. result !!

    Aha the owner himself posts !! Fraz62 indeed. Ironically, having helped him choose and source the Unburst , I’ve yet to see or smell the guitar in person as due to Covid restrictions in UK everything was done online tho I believe he was lucky enough to get a personal delivery of the guitar from...
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    Gibson Launches "Murphy Lab"

    Well , I’m sure glad that I own my TM painted and aged, by him and not a “ laboratory” collaboration. I can’t see these losing value (but I never bought it to profit, just could not resist the old Vintage World run back in 1999) I know the new guitars will be great and accurate and better than...
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    Show me YOUR wicked and despicable mods.

    This....... So I can do this..... So , slaughtered ( no other word for that woodwork ) a £40 horrible pink “Strat” and turned it into my wiring Mule. After a while I took pity on it and did this.... Gave it some long overdue TLC , but it hasn’t forgiven me.. Did the job tho, instant...
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    Helping my friend own his first Les Paul.. result !!

    I agree on Unburst being a favourite finish. To me it doesn’t look “ brand new”, avoids clownburst horrors but is not anaemic as it does retain some reds . The fact that you are not paying Custom Shop prices for what is effectively a pre aged top is a real bonus and I think if you put the...
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    Helping my friend own his first Les Paul.. result !!

    If he gets over forum shyness, he may tell his side of the tale !!
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    I got a problem

    Well the guitar that got me into loving all things guitar looks a lot like yours... Mick Ronson’s stripped ‘68. Ok, no flame ( on the original, ...this is a CS edition) But wow , did a natural LPC make an impression in 1972 to a 14yr old !!
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    NGD: It came, I saw, It's going back.....

    So who sold you this? ( edit Sweetwater) It’s all very well ( correctly) blaming Gibson, the QC buck stop there, but surely a decent dealer looks at these basics before they are sent to customers? No,? The annoying thing is, you will have a piece of paper in the case with a signature (...
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    Helping my friend own his first Les Paul.. result !!

    Nut is shallow , but no issues with strings pinging out , tbh I’d rather have a shallow cut nut that had a bit of room to deepen a fraction than the other way round My own Tom Murphy Custom Shop R9 has a similar cut and its just fine. I have to say ( and I’m not the owner) it is a very fine...
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    Helping my friend own his first Les Paul.. result !!

    My good friend decided this year to own a Les Paul, the choices are many and he originally had an eye for a Classic in Honeyburst. After a bit of chat and actually finding not too many of these about in the UK , we upped the game and looked at Standard 60s in Unburst finish. Again not a huge...
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    Source for Gibson 500K Linear Pots?

    David, another vote for Lin vols!!! Another hidden benefit for the Lin/log setup is that because there is some treble loss with modern wiring it is accentuated when you have 500k log vols. There is a big vol drop 10-7 and also treble loss at the same rate. There is a much smaller vol loss from...
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    Source for Gibson 500K Linear Pots?

    I think it's fair to say Gibson did NOT use 500k Lin vol pots. I like Lin as I don't use heavy distortion and the drop from 10-8 on a log pot is too much FOR ME. I just rewired my Historic that was way too bright with Classic 57 pickups and the 300k Lin 500k log with vintage bees and modified...
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    Source for Gibson 500K Linear Pots?

    Reviving this post. I also prefer Lin vols, I did not actually know Gibson ever did 500k Lin vols and I thought I knew this stuff. I would love to try a pair of Gibson branded 500k lins, if anyone has any nos or knows where to buy please reply or pm me Mike
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    Tom Murphy 1999 vintage world aged 59

    Nice guitar, my lefty in the prev post has a 2000 ser no. It was ordered and deposit taken Aug 1999 but there were delays with the lefty run ( that's what Ronn David told me after receiving a nervous phone call from me in Nov '99. I really would love to know how many lefty 40th aged reissues...
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    Tom Murphy 1999 vintage world aged 59

    Is Ronn David alive and well? Does he post on this or the other forum? He must have huge knowledge and stories to tell....
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    NGD: 2015 Historic Select 1959 Reissue Left Paul (green lemon)

    That is a beautiful LP, you must be very happy. It's amazing how great these guitars look in all various shades and tones. Check out my super rare lefty here. ( first pic shows the guitar flipped as a righty)...

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