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    Fett's poll thread, brought to you by CJ.

    I'm just gonna go read a sad book, and eat Moon pies until I puke. Ha..
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    Fett's poll thread, brought to you by CJ.

    Chains By the Beatles. :(
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    Just me, or is this a little freaky?

    I think Bats have been weaponized. A week ago I had a big ass brown bat land on my left should like a freaking parrot or something!! Freaked me right the fuck out! I knocked it off, and it laid on the ground until I swept it with a broom, and it flew off like it's radar clock had just been...
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    Post a cool picture.......

    OK, here's something for Y'all. A friend of my Brother found this while excavating an area near Savannah, Ga. It appears to be a bison shoulder, or hip, bone with an Arrowhead stuck in it. Don't have an estimated date, but bison haven't been in that area for hundreds of years.
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    gatdam, there ARE deals still out there

    And 1200 dollar Jr's, Boutique amps haven't moved,. Just the 15% off sales for crap I don't need. Still looking tho!
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    Price Check - Guild GF-60

    Congrats Don! Love it when friends get new toys! :applause:
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    So very sad to hear of your family's loss... My sincerest condolences. We're here for ya brother.
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    More than just a Minnesota Thread....

    Hugs don't do nuffin..... I need some soul food... I need a Moon Pie!
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    My dog has cancer.

    Man I'm sorry to hear this about him. It's clear you have been a great provider for him. Someday later you may want to find another wonderful loving "friend" that can benefit from your love and care. M.
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    Arguments on the Backstage be like...

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    Kim didn't hang himself ........ Yet
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    You're officially a vinyl collector when....

    Thanks! I did indeed get a cart just for shellac records. Even have an original Bing Crosby " White Christmas"!
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    Happy Independence Day!

    Proudly hung my Flag this morning as I always will! These colors don't run! Happy Fourth Everyone! :wave:
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    More than just a Minnesota Thread....

    Here's part of the problem as I see it. You have the State Patrol Capt. "Hoping" they cease their unlawful behavior! Is 'Hope" now the new law enforcement tactic for Wa.? Hope in one hand, and shit in the other. See which one fills up first.
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    Fireworks this year are annoying.

    Just saw on the local news, a guy in Ontario, Ca., lost his left hand last night with illegal fireworks. Then the cops found his house full of them, and now he's facing charges as well. You can't fix stupid.

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