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    Guys, I'll be out for a few days..

    Prayers for your Sister, and you and your family LT. Safe travels Sir.
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    NGD… I had to do it!

    Congrats! That blue is killer! But glad you got the required Gold Top as well! Cheers!
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    There's almost no bigger NOPE than this. She's high.

    No no no, and no no no! Nope and nope. Don't even touch me while I'm watching that sh!t!
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    Sold *** FS: 1985 Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 Blonde - Original Tim Shaw PAFs + RS pots/harness + Jescar Frets

    I love this guitar! If it had popped up a couple of months ago it would be mine now, but I chose a 58 reissue that is also an awesome guitar! Tim's pickups kick ass in a 335! Good luck with your sale! Someones gonna get a sweet 335!
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    ES-335 Reissues

    I have a 2014 Memphis '58 unbound neck reissue with MHS pickups, and love them! Prior to getting this, I sold all my Humbucker guitars and now all my LP's are with P-90's. I just couldn't find a HB set that did it for me. I have a 330, but really wanted a 335 to fight the feedback, and loved...
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    NGD G & L asat tribute

    Those are great guitars! They look good, play good, sound good, so I'd say congrats! :thumb:
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    Goodbye California - Hello Florida

    Some 30 to 50 lb test braided line is a must too. Use steel leaders in case you hook a blue runner or shark.
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    Goodbye California - Hello Florida

    Just need a 2 hook drop leader, with a 2 oz weight, and then dig up some sand fleas, ( Sand crabs), on the beach, hook em on, and throw it out!
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    Goodbye California - Hello Florida

    Well after a brutal and hot drive across the country, I'm finally here! Felt like I was in Texas for about a year! We found a nice condo to rent in Satellite Beach on the Atlantic, that's just perfect! So now the house hunting continues in earnest. So far digging the Central coast area. Day...
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    Goodbye California - Hello Florida

    I grew up with alligators and hurricanes. Neither bother me as long as one uses their smarts. Quite frankly, I got very tired of never having any rain fall back in California. Plus the humidity is running in the 70% range there now, so I’m looking forward to having to deal with Mother Nature...
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    Goodbye California - Hello Florida

    Had to time it with the market Don! Hope all is well with you my friend! :cheers2:
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    Goodbye California - Hello Florida

    Update! Sorry it’s been a while but things have been absolutely nuts since my last post. We took a second trip to Florida and this time we scoured every area between Cape Canaveral and Vero Beach. Saw the space X launch, which is always cool to see the launches. So, we decided on Melbourne...
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    Crew Arrival at Kennedy Space Center for NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 Mission

    I'll be there for the launch next week! I'll be staying at the north end of Cocoa Beach, and be there a week looking for a house. I've seen launches before, but from a 40 mile + distance. This will be my first from the Space Center! Have a good and safe flight folks!
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    Can I use top wrap strings on mine?

    Why not just string it normally, and raise the tailpiece until a piece of paper can slide between the strings and bridge?
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    NGD - 1958 Reissue Aged VOS

    I've always said, "Let the Guitar pick you". And your description of that moment when the stars align, and an awesome guitar comes to us, was spot on! Congrats! She's a beauty and I would have done the same in a split sec! It's got that vibe for sure! :thumb:

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