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    What do you think about this top?

    I LOVE it.:yesway::drool:
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    NGD: the Unicorn - 2019 60th 1959 Aged with Brazilian- ULTRA RARE

    Thank you for expanding my vocabulary.:cheers:
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    NGD: the Unicorn - 2019 60th 1959 Aged with Brazilian- ULTRA RARE

    That top is gorgeous!:thumb: I bet it has an interesting 3d effect when moved in the light.
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    How much does your Historic weigh?

    Left: 2016 R8 8lbs 11oz Right: 2017 R9 8lbs 6oz
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    2019 50s Standard NGD

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    NGD, 2016 R8 WDF

    Very nice top on that beauty. Love R8's.
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    What Brand and Gauge Strings Do You Use?

    D'Addario NY XL Nickle Wound 09-42. I played 11's for years since I also play acoustic it seemed like a natural transition when switching to electric. Then came arthritis and cramping in my left hand so I switched to 10's and eventually 9's. The cramping went away but I still find 9's a little...
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    I love my R8 !

    I loved my old r8. Sold it, regretted it. I love my current r8. Keeping this one.
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    NGD: 2017 CS Standard Historic Goldtop/Darkback

    Congrats on getting the guitar you wanted. It's a beauty. I was curious about the Colletti neck profile, thanks for the description. The staff at CME are a pleasure to work with.
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    Historic Les 'em!

    1999 R9 Washed Cherry With my 2016 R8
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    NGD: My first Les Paul

    Beautiful top and unique.:thumb:
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    I'm Pretty Sure It's Real This Time [NGD]

    That is stunning.:thumb:

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