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    Debating "imperfections"

    Just leave 'em by the side of the road...
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    Don't Kill a Groove: Why Modern Pop Music Sucks Part II

    On the nose ehb. I agree completely. A great artist knows when to stop tweeking.
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    LtDave's "Desert Star" Guitars

    Are you guys really steeped in reality? Really?
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    Another "Florida Man" story. And this one Hurts!

    RE: Lorena Bobbitt; a local NH radio station had a contest called the "Bobbitt Toss". They handed you a hot dog and you drove your vehicle and threw it as far as you could. Who ever threw it the farthest won.
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    Does anything really surprise you anymore?

    Attention whores.
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    Mr. Potato: A Mister no more!

    Yep, cultural icons fall from favor, for what ever reason. Its been happening for centuries. It does make for some fun threads though. Stay healthy everyone...
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    Mr. Potato: A Mister no more!

    AND you know this how?
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    Mr. Potato: A Mister no more!

    Actually, it seems like small potatoes to me. .. :eek2: ...but eye have no dog in this fight.
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    What is this written on the inside of my control plate?

    Great thread...thanks for sharing the journey...
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    Another noob

    You probably need to drink more to balance smoking cigars and playing guitars... Oh, and Welcome to MLP...
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    Les Paul Tribute vs epiphones

    An old MLP thread... Les Paul Thickness Variation | My Les Paul Forum
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    Mr. Potato: A Mister no more!

    Right. Doing it to make more money. Just like when everything on an auto was an accessory. Remember? AM radio was extra. AM-FM radio was more extra. Reclining seats? Extra. Next thing you know they will up-charge for a bigger penis implant for the doll.
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    Don’t know where to start.....

    The follow-up question should be... :dunno: AND why should be care?
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    Hated songs by great bands?

    Stairway to Heaven Lola.
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    More Terrible News...

    I am having a very difficult time dealing with all this STUFF I 've never cared about or even heard about. Its an emotional roller coaster...let me tell you... :Ohno: Somebody hand be a paper bag...

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