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    Can Anyone ID This Tree

    Monty Python thanks you.
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    Gender reveals gone wrong

    Actually, fett, we were all about to do an intervention... so, Yeah.
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    Accuracy and believability in film..

    Was this in between his side job as a Vampire Slayer?
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    Found Art

    You just got it before an employee carted it off... no biggie...
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    Sometimes people just want to be liked

    Here you all go folks. Have a wonderful weekend. I like you all...
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    Sometimes people just want to be liked

    Agreed. Ya gotta get it out some how. Sing. Bitch. Perform. What ever. Hell write poetry. Keeping it in inside is poison.
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    Finally… I have a man cave !

    What M&M! You're an interior decorator now? :wave:
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    Yankee eats a Moon Pie

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    Should We Protect Animals from Hate Speech?

    I don't like black beans.
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    Phil X's job is safe

    Yer point?
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    A girl with a massive bush

    SteveC is multi talented and humble at the same time. Not many people can do that. Oh, wait, that was supposed to be in purple.
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    What guitarists do you feel changed the game?

    Chuck Berry - wrote the Rock 'n' Roll play book. Jimi Hendrix - Took it past the play book and into the stratosphere ( I consider EVH the Son-of'-Hendrix) Even Clapton who saw him in England said it was all over... and allegedly the first time he heard him it was only 10 bars of music (per Chas...
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    A girl with a massive bush

    I'll come back when she's down to seeds and stems again.
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    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    Good story. It all makes perfect sense actually.

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