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    New Gibson Les Paul Traditional with separated neck.

    photoshop..... I'm a skeptic
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    Would you return this? Uneven stain around neck on new LP.

    I agree with T Plains, Disappointing that you got it that way, and you're probably stuck with it. However, if you like the way it plays, might be a fun keeper forever. I prefer playability over looks. Maybe the next one, you can request a photo first ? Edit - really, there are more like that...
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    Current Value?

    Start at 3200 and be flexible to 2700 :)
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    Vintage 1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

    OMG... thanks for sharing this guitar. I am saddened to see the pain that this guitar has had to go through. ..breaks my heart, and at a pawn shop :facepalm:. 2800, no way in Hell $80 more likely. Some people are sick
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    CME Exclusive 60's? Pull the trigger?

    Both guitars looks great for the money. I liked the CME video demo - Now thinking about getting that Catalinbread RAH Overdrive pedal used in the video.
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    Where are all of the “affordable” Reissues

    As mentioned in a previous post. That is one dirty head stock, extra dandruff included !. And look at that nut, looks a little deep.... expect binding issues ??? It's probably priced right
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    NGD - 2009 Gibson Les Paul Studio - White w/ Ebony

    i think it looks fantastic as is I'd love to get an older Studio
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    1960 VOS with beat up headstock ?

    Yeah.... sorry - if it were me, I'd pass on that particular guitar. There are sooooo many out there. For me, it seems like the guy is into flipping guitars - you can tell from his previous sales. Besides, There isn't an R60 :) He got a gently used guitar for a great price and is selling it as...
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    1960 VOS with beat up headstock ? On sale for $2661 ! And naturally aged :)
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    1960 VOS with beat up headstock ?

    My opinion - It's a flame price for a plain top.... The pictures are kind of weird. I would say - not factory aged. Looks like player wear. And I don't think it comes with a 2018 case - based on the Reverb listing...
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    Sad Day! Advice needed. New(used) GC guitar damaged in shipping

    I would return it to the local GC. You'll most likely find another one exactly like that soon for a similar price
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    2020 Slash LP

    I've bought a couple guitars from Daves. Great shop to deal with. I was on the fence with that one. Looked at it everyday since it was posted...... Enjoy !
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    Where are all of the “affordable” Reissues

    Some realistic prices there... Never thought of Carters ! Someone should buy the 76 Custom. I'm digging that !
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    Where are all of the “affordable” Reissues

    That's true. However, despite that, I've actually made money this year selling guitars on Reverb. It's still, IMO, the easiest and safest place to sell guitars. Yet, the additional fees structure in no way is the reason for the insane prices used Les Pauls are going for.
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    Where are all of the “affordable” Reissues

    I agree. Seems like the used Gibson Les Paul market has gone up $500-1000 this year. Doesn't matter the model or year. I've also noticed that with the Reissues. Not long ago norlins were going for 1500-2500.... Hopefully prices will correct back to reality in the next year or two. Everything is...

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