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    What String Gauge and Type Do You Use?

    I used to use D'Addario XL's (10-46), which are nickel plated steel, on my Strat, Les Paul and PRS w/Floyd Rose. Reliable strings, good quality, although very bright on the Strat (CS '69 pickups). When I switched the Les Paul pickups to Wolfetones (Marshallhead MKII and Dr. Vintage), which are...
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    Barrie Cadogan Plays a 1959 Gibson Les Paul

    Another outstanding example of the 59's greatness is this video. It doesn't hurt that he's playing through a Trainwreck Express amp, either.
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    Diezel VH4 Pedal---Does It Measure Up?

    Does this one live up to the hype? I know it's based on the VH4's channel 3, like the AMT D2. I would imagine the Diezel comes closer, while costing more. Any opinions out there, other than buying the actual amp? I understand a pedal only gets you in the ball park.
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    Diezel VH4 Pedal and AMT Electronics D2

    I was about to pull the trigger on AMT's D2, and stumbled upon Diezel's VH4 Pedal. I understand that no pedal is identical to the amp it emulates, but reasonably close is good enough for me. Has anyone compared these two, and how similar are they to the actual VH4's channel 3?
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    AMT Electronics D2, VT2, B2 & E2

    I'm closing this thread, since no one responded. I'm posting a different thread, since I've revised my choices.
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    AMT Electronics D2, VT2, B2 & E2

    I'm simplifying my inquiry, since I've narrowed it down to two. Has anyone out there used/compared the AMT D2 and VT2 preamp pedals? I'm getting the P2, but also want a different high gain flavor that's more massive in the lows, while still fairly tight. Also, something a bit less compressed...
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    AMT Electronics D2, VT2, B2 & E2

    I posted a similar thread a few months back. I'm definitely getting the P2, and want a second AMT that provides a different flavor. I'm mainly leaning towards the D2, since it's "larger" but still pretty tight in the lows, rounder highs, less compressed than the P2, but still fairly high gain...
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    Wah Pot Advice

    Not that I got any responses, but I decided on the Chase Tone Tru iCar.
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    Wah Pot Advice

    I'm planning on replacing the original pot in my Vox V848 Clyde McCoy reissue--it's become scratchy, and I'm having to use contact cleaner with increasing regularity. The 3 I'm considering are the following: Fulltone Wah Pot, Chase Tone Tru iCar, and CTS McCon-O-Pot 2. I do want it to have the...
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    Mogami Gold or Lava Cable Clear Connect 2?

    I'm trying to decide between a Mogami Gold and Lava Cable Clear Connect cable to run from my guitar to the first pedal in my chain (usually my Decimator G String). The length would be either 18' for the Mogami, or 15' for the Lava. I know these are both good quality, but can anyone out there...
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    Mad Professor Simble vs Weehbo Dumbledore

    Thanks for your response---the only one so far. Anyone else out there care to weigh in?
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    Mad Professor Simble vs Weehbo Dumbledore

    I currently have a Mad Professor Simble, and am quite happy with it. It's my first (and only) D-style pedal, and I plan on keeping it, but I've also considered several others, including the Weehbo Dumbledore. Is there anyone out there that has compared these two pedals, and if so, what are the...
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    Pedal For Mesa Mark IIC+ and Mark IV Tones

    I know that there's no substitute for an actual amp, but since I'm usually more of a Marshall JCM 800 crunch, Vox clean to slightly dirty, & Fender clean kind of guy, Mesa-like ultra high gain isn't a sound I plan on using that often anyway. SO--for certain songs or passages, I just want...
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    Dumble ODS Style Pedal

    StandingWave and m0b1liz3, thanks a lot for your opinions---they kinda confirm the direction I was already leaning, based on advice from other forums. It looks like the Simble for me---someone else who's tried most of the ones I listed really likes it as well. I've ruled out the Big Bloom based...