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    What is it about Florida?!
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    27 year old son , no job for 7 months now, hardly leaves his room playing video games

    Since you are concerned about your son, I gather that you are not the "kick him out" type of guy to show that brand of tough love. Do you see your son as a young adult? I'm almost positive he views himself as such, but is going through hardship, as many others are. I am lucky enough that I was...
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    For the Clapton fans

    "....playing Eric Clapton's guitar with Eddie Van halen's pick..." and whose cable was it? Jim Morrison's?
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    RIP Quino

    I grew up reading Mafalda, although many of the jokes went over my very young head, lol. Now I own the collection book "Todo Mafalda". It's a treasure at home.
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    Garage Band or...?

    I´m getting into Reaper for music production and it is a completely capable DAW. If you are interested in amp vsts, I´d suggest you check out Scuffham´s S-Gear. I actually don't miss any amp with it.
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    guitar software?

    I am using Reaper and Scuffham Amps S-Gear as the amp sim. My interface is a 4 input Behringer. Before anyone starts, it's a fine interface, which uses its own driver. I mention this in case that is what is causing latency. I use mine at 256 samples with no issue whatsoever. A cool thing is you...
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    Just saw two nuns.....

    Was she doable?
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    Anyone using Presonus Studio One 4?

    ... And if you feel you might be interested in a control surface, you can find good deals on Faderports v1 on eBay. I picked a couple a few months ago, hoping to like one and to sell the other one. It seems ok and the fader is motorized. It's a bummer though you can't control midi cc with it. I...
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    Mixing software

    +1 on Reaper. Other than not including virtual instruments, Reaper is very capable out of the box. I am still learning because I am going very, very slowly. Two words: Kenny Gioia. This guy has made an entire video series covering so many functions and aspects of Reaper that I can't imagine...
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    Pulling my hair out with daw

    I like S Gear by Scuffham... Like a LOT. Less amp models than other suites, but very versatile. Also has less FX, but the ones included are good as well. I found a video of someone playing with pedals in front of the interface. If you are after tube warmth, response, etc. you might not need...
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    I'm curious. How does metric come into play in getting a better sound?
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    Best amp modeling software...?

    I am a huge fan of S-Gear. I have no actual amps, just use S-Gear and the occassional effect in the chain...if at all. What comes inside is quite sufficient (and more!) for me.
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    What’s your blues name?

    ...Boney Liver Dupree. ´s got a ring to it, no denyin´ that....
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    My audio interface is the UMHD404. Got it last year and it has never given me any issues, but I hardly push it. I don´t know...since I don´t need it for any pro sort of stuff, I´m quite happy with its performance.

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