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    Starting a little road trip today, will my LP be alright in the trunk for 12 hours?

    Yes indeed. What do you think happens to guitars when they are shipped around the globe from USA to Alaska to Hong Kong to Singapore to Perth for 9 days?
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    Barrie Cadogan Plays a 1959 Gibson Les Paul

    Great player. I really like his video on the 1962 ES-330.
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    Greetings from Perth, Western Australia

    Just saying hello. My name is Travis and I run a guitar store here in Perth in Western Australia. Will be posting up some stuff. Have been around on this forum lurking for a long time, then lost my login, so made another account with a 2 after it. Then found my original login, so I will go...
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    Great piece. Really clean example. Nice purchase.
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    Possible fake 1960 Les Paul Special for sale in the UK

    It's not a fake. It's a modern Les Paul Special Reissue. Someone has done something to it to make it look vintage and then most likely traded it to the Music Locker as part trade on one of their amps. It's an occupational hazard when trades come in. I have dealt with the Music Locker and...
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    2003 Gibson Les Paul Historic ’57 Custom Black Beauty Reissue

    Hey guys. Mec from Australia. I have exactly the same guitar. Bought it in 1991. Just thought it was a standard Les Paul Custom, but figured out pretty soon it was a re-issue. The only issue I am having is that the gold has all gone....well not rusty...but it goes spotty and off-colour...

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