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    3 Gin & Tonics.....5 Songs

    Playing out this weekend. Cant wait actually
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    Bad Repair Hall of Shame..

    That is a pictorial of my guitar Skills
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    Dunlop 5430 cloth (what i think)

    Got mine in yesterday .. thank for the advice ..
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    So, how much has the price of gas gone up in your area after this ransomware attack?

    I filled up last night , 2.87 for regular unleaded ,, here in S C
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    Guitjos do not always make you paddle faster.....

    Friken awesome playing man !
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    A summation of 'mylespaul' forum

    And.... unlimited amounts of ......CAKE
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    Dealing with Craigslist morons

    Keep the damn Guitar,, I been on a diet ,, I want the damn Cheesecake
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    Is there a safe way to sell and ship a guitar person to person?

    If. I really. Wanted a guitrar bad enough I. Would drive the whole Way and Meet in the lobby of the ;local police station ,, Put the Ball in his courtTo fetch it. ..
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    Elon on SNL...

    SNL is still on TV ? Serious ? Its still on ?? WHy ??
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    First practice in over a year !

    I too have the 535 Wah ,, great wah pedal . No click button I love that . Its engaged with a foot on it ..
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    Is this a good thing?

    Wendys has a pretty good breakfast menu ...
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    Dunlop 5430 cloth (what i think)

    I just ordered one on Amazon 9.00. Not bad I will try one ,, I wish I. Had this option when first got my Goldtop , But I will use it on my Bourbon Burst
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    And now, in the continuing story of how music has gone to the dogs...

    Man called it like it is ....
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    Oh WTF, What a load of Horse Poo

    Let me just say this now ,,,,,,, DAMN !!!!
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    Weird but serious question about picking technique

    What the H is wrong with you .. everyone knows you use your index and pinkie fingers to hold a pick ,,,,, get your head examined man !!!

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