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    Customs are the best Les Paul’s

    Love the look, not as much a fan of the “fretless wonder” thing.
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    Please delete

    Hey guys, Have always been curious about Shed, and would love to try a set. If anyone has a set sitting unused that they’d be willing to part with, DM me with your price!
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    Vintage inspired pickups VIPots

    Yup, they’re 10% taper Wholeheartedly agree with you - I much prefer 10% taper pots to the 20-30%. Less real estate to travel to go from lead to rhythm volume/tone settings.
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    LR BAGGS ANTHEM vs K&K pure mini

    MUCH prefer the K&K mini to any soundhole acoustic pickup I’ve ever tried.
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    Replica owners… how many do you own?

    If replica implies luthier-built, then currently one, but on three others’ build lists
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    Mike Campbell - American Girl question

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    Mike Campbell - American Girl question

    The tonic isn’t the first note in the triad here. So for example, that first triad is A-D-A. If A was tonic, D would be a fourth. But D is the tonic, hence A is, indeed, a fifth.
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    50s Wiring Upgrade - VIP 550k or CTS TAOT 525k pots? Emerson or Central Lab caps?

    I give a SLIGHT edge to VIP, but TAOT are verrrry close. Caps wise, check out the Jupiter Bumblebees
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    Source for Lightly Aged Plastics for HM?

    James at Rewind makes really nice pickup rings. CrazyParts is pretty good too
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    Tutorial on Japanese guitar auctions and importing?

    There are better sites than others. May I recommend minimal fees, no BS, prompt shipping…
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    Dingwall PAF's

    I’ll need more time to fully answer that, as I’ve been out of town since shortly after getting them, but will definitely get back to you on that
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    Dingwall PAF's

    Got my set of Dingwalls and they ARE frantastic!
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    Dingwall PAF's

    Yeah, the website is a work in progress. Just put an order in for a set. Where are these sound clip you speak of?

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