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    String Compliance Question

    All my LP’s have the stopbar all the way down. And the height of the bridge is the same as my others. I think the high nut slots may be the culprit. I may have to grab a file and bust a nut (slot)!
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    String Compliance Question

    Hi everyone, I am not a luthier, but suspect that a luthier might be able to answer this question. I’m a happy owner of many LP’s, but one in particular has a particularly troublesome feature- no matter what strings I put on it, it feels incredible taught, and difficult to bend (I guess you’d...
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    Over priced imho, but that top.....

    Overpriced is an understatement. And re: the top- different strokes for different folks, I guess.
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    Timbuckers in 2020?

    Timbuckers refer to pickups from the early to mid ‘00’s wound by Tim White, who had a 2 year waitlist when he stopped winding in 2008. People back then touted them as being incredible. Since then, the boutique pickup market has exploded, and I’m wondering: a) whether anyone still uses them...
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    Timbuckers in 2020?

    Hey guys, Here’s a blast from the past- anyone still using Timbuckers these days? I ask only because I saw a set go up for sale and curiosity killed the cat- I snagged them. I guess I’ll be able to answer my own question in a few days, but I’m curious how people feel these stand up to the...
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    Tone Control ... most of adjustment from 0 - 3?

    The only other thing I can think of is that perhaps it’s a reverse linear taper? But what you’re describing is more in line with a linear (ha!) taper.
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    Tone Control ... most of adjustment from 0 - 3?

    That reeks of a linear taper.
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    Seymour Duncan ; CS Bonamassa Skinner Burst vs Custom Shop Pearly Gates

    This reminds me of a certain...ummm...throwback of a conversation. Joking aside, this thread piqued my interest and I picked up a used set of Custom Shop Pearly’s...I’ll post my thoughts on how they compare to my other PAF repro sets when they arrive.
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    Show ‘em off for the weekend - Tokai only!!

    KLS-240. Lovely feeling thing with Rewind ‘58’s.
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    Your favorite Throbak PAF and why?

    PG-102’s, SLE-101’s, and KZ-115’s are all dynamite. ER-Customs were a little too low-mid-ish for my Les Pauls, but would probably rock in an ES-335. I’ve been meaning to try the MT-102b’s...someday soon.
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    NGD Momose MLS1-STD2/R GT...........en route

    I couldn't justify getting it- had just gotten a nearly-identical Bacchus Classic GT with P90s.
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    NGD Momose MLS1-STD2/R GT...........en route

    Ahhh, YOU won that auction- was eyeing it myself.

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