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    So... What *is* it worth?

    My uncle works for Nintendo and told me its a Japanese only release.
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    Meaningful Acquisition: Custom Shop or Vintage

    I nominate @GearHo to be my personal consigliere. He can just send pictures of things I should buy and I'll wire funds. Doesn't have to be related to guitars...just stuff in general.
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    Meaningful Acquisition: Custom Shop or Vintage

    Thanks again for all the replies. Some of the thoughtfulness of your posts has really put a lot of perspective on my choice. I'm really putting some serious consideration into a 50's Jr. now. The more I think of it, it really is what I am looking for if only because you can't get wood shaped...
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    Dale Earnhardt Les Pauls - My eyes! I can't unsee these!

    Hot take: I really like the one with his face. Wouldn't pay more than $150 for it but the man had a mustache we should all be jealous of.
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    Meaningful Acquisition: Custom Shop or Vintage

    Just wanted to pop in an say thank you for the responses so far. I hadn't thought about a 50's Jr. at all so that is a great addition to my options.
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    Meaningful Acquisition: Custom Shop or Vintage

    I will be turning 40 this year and have a budget of about $10k to acquire a meaningful item to commemorate the occasion. This would be something of value that I would basically never sell. I would like to get a Goldtop Les Paul. As I'm looking out there, good vintage options would be a loved...
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    NGD 1981 LP Standard

    My birth year! Very cool!
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    NGD! 2003 R9 Brazilian board

    Just to throw in a couple of cents on why it's a big deal to me - as someone that makes things as a business but also has a "real" job where honesty is paramount...and I'm in the market for a late 60's/70s Les Paul or expensive reissue. I am willing to "overpay" to buy something from...
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    Classic vs. Standard 60s!

    Quick question - the new 60s Standard doesn't come in black, right? My first Gibson is an upgraded 2020 Classic. I read the new Standard is now basically the same guitar with different features). My Classic is awesome, but I may also have won the QC lottery. For me personally, I wanted it to...
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    NGD - Hot-rodded 2020 Les Paul Classic

    Going though all the pics I took and found a couple nice pics of the top
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    NGD - Hot-rodded 2020 Les Paul Classic

    The wide one is our Metro | Fixed strap. The skinny one on the couch is the Congress | Skinny Adjustable. Both in black Horween Chromexcel leather.
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    NGD - Hot-rodded 2020 Les Paul Classic

    Thank you! One of the perks of making camera and guitar straps is needing equipment for product photography...
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    NGD - Hot-rodded 2020 Les Paul Classic

    Picked this up from @Pop1655 here on MLP. My first Gibson. Couldn't be happier. Upgraded plastics and hardware, Dimarzio Super Distortion pickups, CTS pots. I was looking for a standard but didn't love the colors other than a Goldtop. Luckily I ran across this!

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