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    Let’s Talk Attenuators

    I run a JHS little black box in the effects loop of my Blackstar HT Club 40. It does pretty well as far as maintaining the driven pre amp tone at lower volumes, even with overdrive pedals. I was surprised as how well it worked, but if your amp doesn't have an effects loop, you're kind of out of...
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    Joe B. just spoke about the Murphy Lab

    Well of course they're not going to send Joe a bad one! Do you think Slash receives guitars from Gibson that are anything short of perfect? Shit, YouTubers get better than average guitars from manufacturers if they are reviewing them.
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    Belated NGD

    Nice! I keep meaning to order one of those Glarry guitars to teach myself how to do fret levels, set ups, soldering, etc.
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    How do you tryout pedals?

    I tried YouTube reviews with headphones but it's hit or miss. Sometimes it's exactly like what I heard in the review and I'm happy with the pedal and other times you figure out that the very nice, high end amplifier that the reviewer is playing through is doing the heavy lifting tone wise.
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    My name is John, and I'm an addict. (Somebody please talk me out of buying an SG. )

    You came to the wrong place. I want a new guitar every time Five Watt World comes out with one of those "Short History Of..." videos.
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    Historic Makeovers NGD

    So it's like a Murphy Lab? Looks gorgeous!
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    NGD 1993 '54 custom reissue

    Maybe my favorite looking Les Paul ever and you don't have to worry about tarnishing those P90s the way you would with gold humbuckers. She's a beauty.
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    Help choosing a guitar, suggestions wanted

    I'd probably go with an Epiphone ES-335 or something Gretsch.
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    How important is the word "Gibson" on your headstock.

    It's not that having the word "Gibson" on the headstock is important to me, it's that a company cares enough and stands behind that guitar enough to put their name on the headstock. Nothing against Epiphone or Squier, they are putting out great stuff these days. I just watched an interview with...
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    Why is it called a stand by switch?

    CS Guitars on YouTube does a great video on stand by switches, explains a lot.
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    ***SOLD***2001 Gibson Murphy aged R9 in excellent condition!!!

    She's a beauty. I'm always impressed by how well they make the headstocks look like a real vintage Les Paul. Hope it finds a good home.
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    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    These guys more than anyone else. But we always instruments around the house. My dad is a banjo player, he had an old beat up acoustic. He bought me an ES-335 copy when I was about 10.
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    Holy Grail

    An amazing collection sir, thank you for sharing.
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    Fav non Gibson/Epi single cut guitars?

    I'm a big Metallica fan, I really wanted to like the Eclipse. I tried four or five of them at all different price points before I bought this Jackson. Out of all the headstock designs of the non-Gibson single cuts, I think ESP really nailed it with theirs. I like the neck on the Monarkh and I...
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    Fav non Gibson/Epi single cut guitars?

    My Jackson Monarkh Pro. As a metal head and a lover of the single cut/LP body shape, you really can't beat it.

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