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    Need me a “real” pedal….suggestions please

    Greer- Southbound Harmonic Overdrive. Fantastic pedal!
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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    Thanks sir! Only thing I'd really like to add at this point is a tone bender. The Solid Gold FX- Rosie sounds pretty good from the reviews I've seen / heard. :dude:
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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    The latest, with a Cmatmods Buffer in the mail.
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    When Do You Know You've Had Too Much to Drink?

    When I get my closet confused with my toilet.
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    NPD: MXR Analog Chorus

    I picked up one of these last week to replace my broken Boss CE-3 which started turning on and off whenever it wanted to. Anyways, the MXR is sounds great, IMO.
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    Breakfast at night

    Bacon, tots & Eggs fried in bacon grease the other night with a little salsa on the side. Ya ya!!
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    If you don't have a camera, then just draw a picture of it and post. What amp are you using?
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    Wait For The End

    That was f'd up!
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    Favorite rock riffs?

    The Stake- Steve Miller Band - YouTube
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    Favorite rock riffs?

    Time Out - Joe Walsh - YouTube
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    NGD - MIM Tele (04/05 model)

    Nice Git! Now go play shit the out of it! :dude:
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    Sneakysnakelady and I will be moving this year.

    Congwats Bwing! Is there a kweek neoby where you can feesh?
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    Brit visiting Montana/Wyoming - suggestions?

    I spent some time in Sheridan, WY a few years back. Beautiful country up there.
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    New MIM Standard Telecaster in Candy Apple Red

    Beauty! I have an '09 MIM in CAR. A real gas to play! Congrats!
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    Friday Question

    I guess it's still better than getting the shit scared out of you.

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