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    Cheaper Gibson LP or Epi

    Nice! I always liked those Alpine White Studios. I had one about 20 years ago. One I regret selling.... To the OP's question - If re-sale value is a concern to you, the Gibson is a no-brainer.
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    Most underrated LP player!

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    2005 Fender 60th Anniversary MIM Esquire Refin Project (PIC HEAVY)

    Thanks man. I'm real pleased with it. And yes, that poly weighed a ton lol
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    2005 Fender 60th Anniversary MIM Esquire Refin Project (PIC HEAVY)

    I decided to take on the project of stripping the original poly finish on my Esquire and re-spraying in Sonic Blue. Here's the guitar in original state: The poly was super easy to strip. I took a putty knife and was able to break the finish off clean. Very little sanding was required...
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    Bourns Pots

    No issue to worry about
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    Connecting Seymour Duncan APH-2s Alnico II Pro Slash pickups to push pull pot

    APH-2s have single conductor braided leads.
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    kill it with fire, or how cack handed soldering

    This is NOT how to accomplish a re-wire.
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    Got a new Goldtop Standard and ... not loving it

    Just for sake of clarity, there are many Gibson Les Paul models that use short shaft pots. Here's a link to a blog post I did about it. In a nutshell: For the OP - You'll need long shaft pots.
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    Very low volume from pickup

    Detailed pictures of the electronics cavity would be helpful. Include the switch as well.
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    Any views on this Gibson branded Japanese counterfit

    I'd pay $50 to have that POS thrown in the dumpster where it belongs.
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    New Pedalboard Build

    Here ya go, Freddy Temple Audio RGB LED for DUO 24 Pedalboard
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    New Pedalboard Build

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    New Pedalboard Build

    That's the controller for the LED light strip I have mounted underneath the board. Changes colors and such....

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