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    My first ride this year was last Wednesday,but I used a motor : D Not sure why that photo went sideways, just tilt your head :laugh2
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    Paul Reed Smith - Class Act

    Thinking about a Vela or S2 studio... I wanna branch out from the traditional stuff I currently have.
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    Paul Reed Smith - Class Act

    Those of you who aren’t feeling the PRS stuff, try a Starla or a Mira out, it’s much closer to home...Starla is my favorite single cut guitar in my stable.
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    Paul Reed Smith - Class Act

    Good to hear he’s a good guy! I dig my Starla, it’s getting more play time than my gibby’s at the moment.
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    We're opening up ...

    Well, let’s just say my governor is executing a massive moral flex... so no, we are still closed up. I’m not impressed.
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    JMP/Twin pedal

    Yes! I was trying to summon him with the magic @ but I must’ve misspelled his name or something... really good premise I think!
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    JMP/Twin pedal

    Wasn’t that the premise of the rude mood amp? Inforget which member was making these amps now... but it was a deluxe and a Marshall style in parallel,With a 2x10 stereo cab... you could dial in either side to taste. Farts, I can’t remember the guy for the life of me :dunno:
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    You don’t see a lot of it here in the NW, but I like it! The Indian restaurant in town has a awesome okra dish.
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    My bestfriend died.

    The funeral Monday will help you process your loss, but regardless remember we are all here to talk when/if you need an ear. Hang in there brother!
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    My bestfriend died.

    I’m very grateful that you didn’t like hard drugs!
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    My bestfriend died.

    Ah man I’m so sorry to hear this... truly sad news brother : (
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    NUID Kemper!

    The worst part of the front panel was scrolling thru all the profiles in browse mode. it's kinda tedious when you get to 1000 or so profiles :laugh2: But a lot of the knobs on the front made for quick adjustments without menu diving. That said, with the KPA or the AXE, I use the software. I...
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    NUID Kemper!

    I pretty much use the Rig Manager and editor every time I play now, so simple and easy to use! Glad you're enjoying it!
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    The Backstage Theme Song

    Took me second, but this is brilliant :laugh2:
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    Who else has a fender twin?

    I don't own one, but I'll share a story from today. I had a SG tweedy signature for a few years, and I wasn't really bonding with it. I decided to put it up for sale. Someone on reverb wanted to meet me for pickup, and when I got there today it was a teenager with his dad. the kid was EXITED and...

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