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    It's Just Not Funny

    I do wonder about @Torren61 Are you out there, man? it's one that dropped off with no warning, unless I missed something...
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    Amp Guys/Gals

    this is my favorite section... and it's the most expensive one to boot :laugh2:
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    I'm re-becoming an angry young man, in old age.

    If serious, then :facepalm: If not, :laugh2: I can't imagine a dumber thing to be offended by than having a corporation not specify your gender when saying hi... "hi penis" :eek2:
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    the AX8 has landed

    I found a badger profile in the KPA today, not sure if it's the 18 or 35. I wish it was a little more gainy, as the profile I have is set pretty clean. I am looking forward to comparing the the 2 takes on the badger when and if the deal goes through.
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    the AX8 has landed

    Damn that badger model makes me randy :naughty: It looks like I'll have an axe fx II to mess with by the weekend, and the first thing I'm looking for is that badger.
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    Mesa Boogie, California Tweed/Experience/Impressions?

    I'm more of a pizza amp guy, myself... but pizzas don't sound good if you don't know how to top them properly. :hmm: Everyone likes everything I do in regards to pizza... But i think the OP really wants a burger. A three knob, juicy thick ass burger :naughty:
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    HX Stomp - Might Replace my AX8

    you need a Kemper floor... Happy to help :laugh2:
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    Axe FX 2 with controller for Helix Floor?

    Hey guys, So I posted up my Helix on the local CL and I have someone offering a Axe 2 with controller for a trade...It look like resale for both units is pretty similar, minus the controller. Does anyone have experience with the 2? what are some of the differences between the 2 and 2XL? And...
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    My avatar for the remainder of Oktober

    It's Octoberfest in my local fake germany... Drunk fat chicks in slutty durndel costumes, barfing on the sidewalk... awesome :eek2: I'd rather just have the boobs, without the barf :laugh2:
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    Tom Quayle demos a Laney LFR-112 FRFR with an AX8

    I just don't like FRFR I guess... But the fine tuning on the back of this one is pretty cool. I think OP's ax8 demos sound better, too :hmm:
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    Tendonitis sucks!

    Pete, search the snake diet on you tube. this crazy canadian helps people with all kinds of problems with fasting, including folks with all kinds of meds ect. If you do fast, stay on the meds until your pressure goes too low, then stop them (while fasted) and don't take them again unless you go...
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    Tendonitis sucks!

    I'm talking multi day fasting. Try a 48 hour, it's really hard the first time but it gets easier. There are recipes for adding electrolytes to your water to ensure you dont get messed up. I sometimes start a fast Thursday night after dinner and hold it thru the weekend. 72 hours. I can deliver...
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    Tendonitis sucks!

    Fast. Fasting will zap inflammation. I also use a topical cbd called ugli butter. It's at the Wenatchee natty food store. But fasting is neato for pain reduction, seriously...
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    Ginger Baker critically ill.........

    Also, Mitch Mitchell was infinitely cooler than ginger, IMO. I literally dont care about GB, same as he doesn't care about me. Old people die.
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    Ginger Baker critically ill.........

    Say that to my face, bitch. :laugh2: