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    2020 Gibson ES-339 Trans Ebony / Black Gloss $1,595

    Still available and at a lower price! Great guitar here.
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    sold please delete

    Sold. please delete
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    2020 Gibson ES-339 Trans Ebony / Black Gloss $1,595

    Gorgeous "Trans-Ebony" gloss finish ES-339. I tried to capture the essence of this color in a couple of the later photos. Looks black hanging on the wall from a few feet away, but more of a dark-grey/charcoal when you look at it up close under the right light. Very cool! These guitars are...
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    Sold please delete

    2019 Nash T-2 HB Sonic Blue This was my first Nash, and I can tell you it won't be my last. Just bought it last month, but unfortunately need to make it a catch-and-release. Fantastic instrument, but I need to let it go due to some other obligations. This was just purchased new from...
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    Delete please
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    2018 Brazilian Les Paul 1959 Reissue, Vintage Cherry VOS. As-New! *Reduced*

    My Holy Grail! I think I'm going crazy for even considering selling this one, but I'm doing a major collection downsizing to support some other hobbies, so I'm letting go of some of the gems! 2018 Gibson Les Paul 59 Reissue / R9 in Vintage Cherry Burst - Brazilian with Lifton case. The Vintage...
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    please delete

    please delete....
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    2019 Gibson Custom Shop Historic SG 1964 Reissue in excellent+ condition. I hate to call stuff “mint,” but I don’t think there is a noticeable mark on this guitar. It’s only a few months old and barely played. Absolutely no fret wear! As a 2019 it has the most current, unpotted Custombuckers...
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    Sold. Please delete.

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    please delete

    Please delete.....…….
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    2003 R9 Braz. vs 2019 R9 Braz. What do you choose?

    Definitely 2003 because of the "good wood"
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    Sold offsite - please delete

    SOLD on eBay please delete
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    please delete

    please delete
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    please delete

    please delete.
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    Delete please

    Dreams can come true! Still available and considering offers.

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