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    My first morning with Jeff Beck (first time listener)

    I like Jeff. In small doses. I've seen him twice live and really enjoyed it. This is probably my favourite playing by him though. Seeing him play on this DVD was my first introduction to Jeff Beck.
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    Online dating. Whats your experiences?

    I met my wife using an online dating app. Going on 8 years and three kids together.
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    New Car Day...slowest one ever!

    That's awesome @Minte . Very cool! My vote goes to cigar lounge. Enjoy it!
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    James Bond- Dead.

    He was an Extraordinary Gentleman. RIP
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    World's sexiest woman to play history's sexiest queen

    Haven't gotten to it yet
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    World's sexiest woman to play history's sexiest queen

    She looks like Avril Lavigne in that makeup
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    The most violent birthday ever, dash cam of shooting on post 40

    Glad you're ok Scott. Also glad you got the guy who did it and can't do any more damage. I hope your friend pulls through. Stay safe.
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    Anyone Still Using CDs?

    I have a CD binder full in the garage and I have a 5 disc changer and amp out there. My truck wont even take CDs so it's the only place I can play them.
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    jokes & funnies.

    It's Roger playing Funk 49
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    jokes & funnies.

    Isn't his name Waldo?
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    Can someone please recommend me a Parlour/Small guitar?

    Recording King has some nice looking ones in a nice price range. Supposed to be good quality but, I've never played one.
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    Guess that breed

    This is our big girl Dolly and in the back, our little girl Quilla.
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    Loretta Lynn marries Kid Rock

    Who? Dr. Phil?
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    Rogan's new Austin studio looks dope.

    From what I've heard, Spotify only after a certain date.
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    Loretta Lynn marries Kid Rock

    But is it Kid Rock or Dr. Phil?

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