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    RIP Pete Way

    Like others have said a rock and roll wild man who lived life to the fullest. Ty for all the music good Sir :)
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    1918 (circa) Gibson Style O Artist

    Holy sheep shite!! That is so fricking awesome :D GLWS
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    New Old Traynor Day!

    Well, I have always wanted to try a Traynor YGM3 after hearing and reading good things about them over the years. Supposedly a hand wired, Canadian made DRRI killer.. Last week one of the fine gents at my local L&M tracked one down for me in Thunderbay that had supposedly just come back from...
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    NVGD | Two for one sale

    Holy crapola!! What a day indeed. :) They both look fantastic but we need details Sir.:cheers2:
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    Lab Series L5

    Best deal I have seen in ages! Major gratses on the amp :)
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    Tim Pierce / Confessions of an Amp Addict

    I am a recent subscriber to his channel and I sure wish I had joined earlier. What a great guy and amazing musician!
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    NAD Marshall DSL40C

    I hope you enjoy your DSL40C, I owned the first version and I thoroughly enjoyed it :) If I recall the reverb is very subtle and not super effective but there are plenty of good pedal options if so desired.
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    My sister is in bad shape..

    Very sorry to hear Dave. Sending healing vibes her way. I hope all is very soon.
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    NEW 2019 Gibson Modern Collection • Les Paul Tribute • Tobacco Burst • SOLD

    Good lord that looks awesome!! GLWS Sir :)
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    WTB: 1974-75 white Les Paul Custom

    I have a friend who is local with a clean 74 white custom. I am not sure if he is selling at the moment but I will talk to him in a day or so and let you know. :)
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    NAD, well OK, Used Marshall Day

    Awesome amp, Jubilee's are well loved for a good reason :) Gratses!! Btw.. lets hear more about the SG.
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    Really Wanting To Pull The Trigger On A Bourbon Burst 60's

    Life is too short not to be playing the guitar of your dreams if you can afford it. Even if you believe in reincarnation you might come back in your next life as a tuba player.... I say do it!! :naughty:
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    NAD- Anyone know if these heads are any good...?

    To heck with the neighnours.. rock on!:dude:
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    Thoughts on this sweet Norlin LP for sale locally?

    I like it, reminds of my 81 custom in natural. Should be T tops if I recall correctly as well. If I has been up for few months I would check it out with cash in hand and make a sensible offer :) I hope it all works out.:cheers:
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    Update - pics - NGD. 2017 Trad T Ant Burst

    Sounds like a great deal! You will love it I am sure. I can post a picture of my 2017 Trad in tobacco if you like? .:D

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