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    Nerdville Tax Shelter?

    Let me get the picture right. Some old geezer co-owns a few of Joe's most beautiful and timeless guitars, and gets to fondle them a few times a year? This is old hat. Hypothetically, if I were to own a Stradivarius and lend it to a lovely violinist, I might be able to sniff it in my Paris mansion.
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    Well, this is the world we live in now, folks...

    As long as they don't take away our freedom to watch or not watch, that's fine with me. Exhibitionists make the world go 'round. As do shy nerds.
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    Post the first recommended video when you pop up YouTube

    This popped up out of nowhere today. A guitarist and his donkey. I kid you not. What kind of wacko algorithm does YT use to pick out suggestions? I subscribe to Kid Andersen's channel, the Lock Picking Lawyer, Fashion Models, MSNBC, pet training, etc. What's next to watch? An elephant and a...
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    What do people think about retirement?

    All the plumbers I know look forward to retiring. The job takes its toll on their knees and backs. Delivery guys (Fedex and UPS) keep a calendar counting off the days till retirement. Probably not the weight of boxes that bugs them. It is the stress of delivering X packages in a day, and being...
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    Christie McVie songs make me want to jump off a building...

    Remember line 2. This is what counts. Nympho wife, keeps the bed warm and makes life worth living. Trust me, chicks like guys who are into Fleetwood Sack.
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    Can't find pickup mounting screws or pickguard brace

    Here ya go: Humbucking ring screws: 1-1/4" Humbucker height adjusting screws: Pickguard screws...
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    The most recorded bass in music history?

    Yeah, but did he record with the Monkees, under a pseudonym? Also, who has the most live gigs as a bassist? I nominate Adam Clayton.
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    Post the first recommended video when you pop up YouTube

    Ok, you axed for it. Been trying to get my wife to approve a second dog in the house. She says that Beagles are dumb, but I have a high tolerance for stupidity. I married her, didn't I?
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    Ida looks like Katrina 2.0.

    From Yahoo: Is Ida the smaller, but more evil twin sister of Katrina? Superstitious writing on the wall. If you believe in things that you don't understand, then you must be as crazy as me. Lightning is not supposed to strike the same place twice! What allows hurricanes to break a fundamental...
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    Ok, Wick Vs Bourne, who wins?

    Bond, James Bond. Always pick the guy with more toys. But, if you're going to force me to make a hard choice, my pick is John Wick. He has good taste in weapons.
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    And now for the real news

    Lawyers will offer Elden a free dinner with Courtney Love. After that, a private evening in a motel, perhaps. I dunno about sleeping with a Medusa.
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    USA Men’s Basketball Team smh

    It was a shame that Gobert fouled out in the last minute of the gold medal match. The man actually shed some tears when his team lost. Just remember folks, the next Summer Olympics will take place in Paris in three years. Be there or be square.
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    Whither Goest Thine Olympics?

    I did a world and Olympic best sprint to the refrigerator to get a beer, inspired by Usain Bolt.
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    Whither Goest Thine Olympics?

    Skateboarding is more dangerous than ski jumping given the nearly 50% fail rate with men or women skateboarders. I haven't seen too many "thrill of victory - agony of defeat" falls in ski-jumping in recent Olympics. Gymnastic events on high bar as so scary, I have no idea how a man can swing...
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    USA Men’s Basketball Team smh

    Most of these highly compensated athletes are really using the Olympics for sex hookups. Think about it: Highest concentration of...

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