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    Neil Young ultimatum to Spotify...Really??

    Back in the early days of Hollywood, D.W. Griffith made a movie called Intolerance. Neil Young has a case of epic fail, not realizing that living in the U.S. means not crucifying opposing opinions. Neil should also watch Justice Breyer's short speech about retiring. The operative thought is that...
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    If I had only known / Shoulda got a loan (GT content)

    Gilvis had many near mint Fender Strats in the beginning of this century that I should have snapped up. Then I got married, and the rest is history- too impoverished to buy top grade vintage, although I do manage to sneak a Gibson or Fender custom shop guitar into the home when she's not...
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    baseball 2022

    That is the biggest news of the year, until the world series begins in the winter of 2022.
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    I Knew It- Octopuses came from Outer Space And soon after, they spawned into female humans, who know at least 10 ways to grab money from guys. Some then worked as the first employees of the IRS, which, based on its nefarious beginnings, still...
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    Rest in Peace, Meat Loaf

    The Bat Out of Hell has left the room. He joins the other giants of rock in the great beyond. RIP.
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    RIP Howard Dumble

    News of Dumble's departure from the Earth prolly has John Mayer shaking in his boots. Who owns a genuine Dumble amp and has A/B'd it against a clone?
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    Tonga underwater volcano erupts overnight, tsunami warnings are issued, massive shock wave visible.

    Ima gonna make a movie called Don't Look Down! Not a ripoff of Don't Look Up. I should have started shooting a week ago. Oops. Next bright idea is forming a bass amp company called Rumble in Tongaville.
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    Jenna Jameson Reports Guillain-Barré Diagnosis

    Quack physician has retracted the GB diagnosis. I guess it is time for more alternative theories. Here is my best hypothesis. On the night before Christmas, the Hedgehog (aka Ron Jeremy) tried...
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    DIY Home Security System Question

    I use the Nest Aware plan to scan for thieves who are casing the house during the daytime hours. Looking for a facial recognition package that can spot convicted felons. You can never be over-prepared, and knowing that a felon is capable of violence means you have several choices, like not being...
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    Jenna Jameson Reports Guillain-Barré Diagnosis She's only 47, which is surprising. GBS is one of the nastiest of auto-immune diseases, and not something the medical community has focused on, due to the disease's rarity. The fact that...
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    The video game thread.

    Need to feel the recoil from a VR weapon? Try this:
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    I would not vouch for the authenticity of the guitar until it was sampled for DNA at the whammy bar, and they compared it to known samples of his parent's DNA. As for comparing Hammett to Hendrix, I'd say that Kirk has the better partner (Lani), since she not only looks better than Jimi's...
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    Joined a gym today

    Seriously, I would like to get into Barre training. Part of my attempt to get better at martial arts, a la Ip Man. Also, I do not mind getting beat up by a woman, since the wife is always punching me in the arm.
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    She Alec Baldwin'd herself

    That was a close shave . . . too close. There has to be a song in this story. Hmmm, how's about The Devil Went Down in Georgia?
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    New Jack Reacher: Amazon's "Reacher"

    The Killing Floor was not Lee Child's best novel. Way too much killing. But, it started the series, and is the place to begin. Glad that Diane Capri did not have a role in the screenplay. Jack is an icon in the mystery genre, and the last thing we want to happen is for a hack to ruin our...

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