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    Tesla Crash

    Same thing (or nearly so) with Apple. These kinds of companies rely on worship and unquestioning faith.
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    Tesla Crash

    This is either going to make you a millionaire or a bum on the street. Tesla stock price
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    Delusional Sellers/Listings - Hall of Shame

    Listed originally for over $100,000, this was either sold privately or ended below half-price. 1959 Fender Gold Sparkle Stratocaster You'd have to be as rich as Goldfinger to snap this up.
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    The Time Has Finally Come To Sell My Hotrod

    I have so many unfinished projects, some of which I have completely forgotten, that I am pushing everything off to my wife or grandchildren to take care of. Life is too short to worry about stuff that is hard to deal with. Signed, Sir Procrastinator. Btw, I won a PS5 on ebay, so I only care...
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    1989 Gibson Les Paul Special Bob Marley Tribute Custom 1957 Reissue w/Case

    A lot of work (labor) went into this "interpretive" remake. How can it be priced this low?
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    The Social Dilemma...

    This concept works great for marketing. You google Gibson Les Paul. Later you google dog leashes. Not the kinky kind. Click into a dog supply store, and wham, you start to see ads for a 1968 Les Paul reissue. Who's connecting all the information together? Google. Btw, Dave's Guitare is selling...
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    The video game thread.

    Never give up the ship. There were all kinds of roadblocks today, with the Xbox Series X console, which was up for pre-order at 8 AM Pacific time. The fiasco with the Sony pure Baloney pre-order seemed to be repeating itself. Gamesradar Coverage of Xbox Series X Pre Order Good thing that each...
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    The video game thread.

    Those of you attempting to pre-order a Sony PS5 are now out of luck according to this site: Sold Out --- Again Seems like history is repeating itself, and the only recourse may be Ebay.
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    '59 Burst for sale in MD

    The sales tax on this guitar is over $20K. That's enough for a 1950's LP Jr + LP Special. Looks mighty fine for a burst, but not too flashy. However, not a single cavity or PUP shot.
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    Fender Signature Tom Morello Guitar

    He really excites the crowds, for better or worse. Between Metallica and RATM, there aren't too many bands that can command the loyalty of fans. Love him or hate him, but rock music needs its stars, else the whole genre can become irrelevant, like big band music. The Fender Tom Morello Strat is...
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    How to identify the model on a MIM strat

    A bit of electrical shock works great on spiders. Learned this from Borderlands 2.
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    Down the Stretch They Come ...

    Most exciting Kentucky Derby in a long time. Authentic vs. Tiz the Law This is/was more fun than investing in Tesla. When in doubt, always bet on Place.
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    If it is made of mahogany or birch/maple, there are plenty of strong backs on this forum who would take it off your hands for free.
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    social security

    Who knows what tomorrow can bring, but today the stock market took a big hit, -3.5% on the S&P 500. That's a full year's distribution assuming you take the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). Therefore, the longer you delay retirement, the more time you have to re-balance your 401K and IRAs...
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    1963 Les Paul extreme gore content. NSFL.

    I've never been in a surgery room for a Les Paul or SG. What about using a biscuit cutter to rebuild the tenon? Not a fan of dowels.

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