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    Gas Prices

    You folks are so lucky. It was $6.49 in Hawaii, and I was almost desperate enough to shop at Costco. My engine told me, No, no, no. It does not like H2O in the fuel.
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    Billie Joe Armstrong Renounces US Citizenship.

    Ask that same question to a woman living in a nation that was invaded by barbarians from another nation. Suppose she got raped? It is perfectly legal to shoot an invader in times of war. Allowing his offspring to further torture the mother is repulsive. The problem with laws against...
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    Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial

    Rumors of her firing are growing stronger, according to websites that seem to have the inside dope. Where does Amber go from here? Well, she could replace Jenna...
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    Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial

    The most important question no one has asked: Was Amber Heard the hottest woman he ever made love to?
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    Memorial Day Remembrances

    To those who served, we salute you. My father-in-law made it to the rank of major, after WW2. He passed away eight years ago. Like many men of his generation, he was humble, humorous, and philosophical. He did not talk about his combat experience. What did he remember the most? When in France...
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    Haha, moron.

    Road rage took the life of a young man in Houston. The boy was an honor student, and played guitar. Not much a civilian can do about violence on the highway, because even a concealed carry weapon may not be enough. Around how much would it cost to equip a car with a bulletproof driver side...
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    1972 Norlin Bargain at $275

    A very heartwarming story of a guitar swap that worked out well. Great line: "The seller told me the previous owner painted the guitar white over a sunburst." Every guitar tells a story, sometimes, fiction. True or not, guys develop a bond with an instrument, and it is great to hear that he...
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    Three Dumble Style Amp Builds

    Crosstown, welcome to the club. I purchased my Ceriatone OTS20 pre-assembled from another owner. I've had a lot experience building Heathkits and wirewrap computers, so I did not need to go through the experience again. Nice to know that the inside of the Ceriatone is rock solid. I wonder how...
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    Best Amp Under $500 Based on Reliability/Serviceability

    This thread is a little bit different than the other ones covering the best amp under $500. Due to cost cutting by the big makers, most production of amps in this category is done overseas. As such it is nice that Psionic Audio has a video on the reliability track record of some candidates. I...
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    Its Official. Western Electric to make tubes in USA for Guitar Amplifiers.

    I see a Department of Defense connection in all of this. They need American tubes for EMP proof communication gear, where all that is left is a Guard channel and code talker encryption...
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    Stephen Wilhite, creator of the GIF, has died

    And I thought that Wilhite was a compressed form of Wilfrid Hyde-White. Duh?
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    What Better Place than a Guitar Forum to Get Financial Advice?

    The onset of Covid-19 was the best time to invest in stocks. I re-positioned some money in airline stocks and Brkb. Then I sold Brkb below $200, and reallocated the money in Apple. This was not the smartest move to make, as Apple is heavily dependent on supply lines functioning as smooth as...
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    The "Ghost of Kyiv,". ACE in a day, the first over europe since ww2.

    After the loss of lives, the loss of money adds to the pain. As the consequences of the war unfold, we will not only see inflation, but a drop in bank share prices and a recession. This is how the banks are suffering...
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    Gas Prices

    Which credit cards are you guys using to obtain discounts on gas? Thinking about applying for a Texaco card. My fat kid consumes so much food and drinks that I also use Safeway discount points at the gas pump.
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    Junior prices?!?

    Ya should have asked him if he had anything with a broken headstock in his backroom. Let him fix it and you would have a guitar that sounds great, plus some change to spare.

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