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    String Gauge of your Les Paul

    9-46's right now but I will change them to 10-52's so I voted for 10s
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    Any with a Facebook willing to check out my band?

    Sounds good, you guys have a nice vibe going on, keep it rollin' :cool: liked on fb
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    Comment by 'MariaTeodora1994' in media '8'

    Thanks, I ordered a honey burst initially, I kept it cause my "teacher" at the time said it's a good guitar, I thinked to myself that color is not important anyway. And yes the pickups are standard, didn't change a thing. Sorry for the really late reply and I hope to have a video with the guitar...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now ???

    L.A. Guns - Sex Actrion on may 7 i will maybe see them live :hmm:
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    R.I.P Pete Steele

    I am a huge fan of Type O Negative for some years now and I have no words than... R.I.P PETER STEELE you will be missed...I still want to believe it's a joke even though it isn't! He didn't get the place he deserved in this world but if there's life after death I hope he did find happiness...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now ???

    Michael Burks - Strange Feeling
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    Just remember...........

    Great song :) I like a lot the guitar part that starts at 3:56.
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    All six

    Nice collection you've got there :)
  9. Strap


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    Me and my friend

    Good, keep up the good work! Maybe next time you will put up the whole song :)
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    Introducing an Acoustic Gal from NYC Seeking Electric Advice!

    Welcome to the MLP skylark! I'm a girl too, you will find a great deal of information as I did here. There are some really experienced people here who know what they're talking about. Maria
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    My baby :)

    Beautiful guitar, the finish is exquisite.

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