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    Please help date my custom

    Check Moonweasles LSLP (Late Sixties Les Pauls) site . Loads of info on there.
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    Happy 50th birthday '69 Goldtop!

    While its still 2019. My 69 Custom joins the 50 year old party.
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    NGD: 1978 LP Pro ... I believe they call it "mojo"

    You can't alter that.It is beautiful as it stands.
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    Wanna have one

    the maple necked 77 I had was heaviest guitar I owned, but had great tone.
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    NGD: Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster Relic

    you know your Les Paul's. it's a 69
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    NGD: Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster Relic

    That's a stunner. Here's my common or garden stock 52 RI. No where as nice as yours, but great to play.Even my wife commented on it's great tone .
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    Your Les Paul and a Fender Pics!

    69 Custom and 78 Tele
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    Gibson Les Paul Custom dating 1969 ?

    69 or 70, don't matter. its a nice Custom
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    Gibson Les Paul Custom dating 1969 ?

    post pics of the back of the headstock,heel,control cavities. Is it a one piece or pancake body?
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    NGD! Finally for the first time in late 60s area, this time near mint 1969 LP Custom

    Wow that is stunning. You have GREAT taste in guitars and amps.
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    Norlin count.

    623 Norlins That would make a fantastic book/poster.
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    Show your Early 70's Customs!

    thats a beaut.

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