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    Ordered a 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    My favorite of the new line. Might have to buy one.
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    I think its time to hang my Les Paul...

    Only retire a guitar when it becomes impossible to refret or the neck warps.
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    Bigsby. Love it or loathe it on a Les Paul? What do you think?

    I like them. They're not a great device on a mahogany neck, though.
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    Is a High Spot on Les Paul Headstock Face Typical?

    Standard six-inches or metric? Asian penises are smaller.
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    They Sent Me The Wrong Telecaster!

    I just wanted a thank you. Both people working were just disinterested. Apparently, I got the "right" guitar but the serial number on the warehouse sheet was that of the Jimmy Page model. No one had any idea. I could have taken it to them for warranty work and the serial numbers would have...
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    Aging a New Les Paul Junior

    Step on the neck and break the headstock. Ultimate Gibson aging technique.
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    Epiphone Strats?

    I seen one in a pawn shop a few years ago. It was neat seeing a Strat with a batwing headstock. Looked good, actually. I should see if they still have it. EDIT: A quick Kijiji search resulted in a few ads.
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    They Sent Me The Wrong Telecaster!

    I returned the JP Tele in mint condition, really going to miss it. The Long & McQuade clerk was somewhat bemused and uninterested. 'Didn't even get a thank you. Honesty doesn't really pay.
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    Please recommend the best tele style guitars MIJ.

    A MIM Player Tele is the best and easiest option. Mexico is making some great guitars.
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    public service announcement for strat buyers

    I love Strats, maybe more than LPs now. But I just HATE tremolo systems. I wish Fender would offer a hardtail American Stratocaster without having to visit the CS and pay an arm and a leg.
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    They Sent Me The Wrong Telecaster!

    No it's Canada's GC: Long McQuade.
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    They Sent Me The Wrong Telecaster!

    I'll give it back. I won't be in the city until the 24th so I'll keep her safe until then. I suspect this was just a mispick at the warehouse rather than an accidental switch in shipping. This isn't a rare occasion at warehouses. They probably won't even know it's missing until their next inventory.
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    They Sent Me The Wrong Telecaster!

    Just trolling. The guitar is worth $1,820.00 more than what I ordered.
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    They Sent Me The Wrong Telecaster!

    I ordered an American Performer Telecaster and they sent me a Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster. :mad2:
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    Howlin' Wolf's '63 Strat!

    Too bad his master tapes went up in smoke.

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