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    Thoughts on settings using Vox AV30 on OD1/2

    Hi When I first heard the AV30 I was blown away, I like it as you can turn down the solid state stage to get low volume sounds as if it were cranked. I got my first set of pedals recently, and opted to emulate the power amp and cabinet via the effects loop - to record quietly, due to severe...
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    Advice appreciated to fix this Epiphone

    I'll remember next time, I was replacing everything so I did the switch too, as I switch to 4c cable for the switch run meaning I didn't need to desolder it again beforehand so it was super quick to put a new one in that way, I still have it though, and an Epiphone branded spare. I meant say...
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    Advice appreciated to fix this Epiphone

    Yeah I think the better Epiphones may use unmarked Alpha switches, the stock lasted 2 years before connection issues (could probably have just clean but I put a new Alpha switch in) -if it lasts much longer then it may be that the Alpha ones are slightly better. The one in the guitar he/she...
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    Advice appreciated to fix this Epiphone

    This is good advice, unless this is just a learning "electronics for guitar" project its extremely risky and expensive to do this without experience as a first guitar, I skimmed the OP so I assumed s/he has another guitar and has practiced, and this is a project - the neck doesn't even look...
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    Advice appreciated to fix this Epiphone

    Yes, though if Mouser charge a large shipping fee you can probably get them slightly cheaper from a GOOD Ebay store, and include a minimum resistance check too. I ordered push push pots with a request for higher rated ones from Guitars Electric. (UK only) For the ones without the switch they...
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    Advice appreciated to fix this Epiphone

    POT Choices This is a metric guitar most likely: Use Alpha pots read below for why I know people are advising CTS pots, but they wont fit without drilling, and it just isn't cost effective for most Epiphone guitars, not to mention the risk when re-drilling into the guitar finish if you do use...
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    More organic LP tone concept
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    Guitar Tone Circuit Concept
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    List Of Stock Epiphone Pickups?

    I thought the 57CH/HOTCH were notoriously bad pickups. its why they paraded the probuckers around after they made them (they fairly good)
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    What's the general opinion of the Probucker pickups?

    The neck has a noticeable lack of bite, it seems to be trying not to offend anyone. Its nice, but also a bit uninspiring. Its output is at least 10-15% quieter compared with an APH-1n, which isn't even that hot. It didn't deliver the upper mid tones I liked on it anywhere near as well as the...
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    What do people think about this tone circuit

    Wow, thanks, I'm learning a lot, you certainly know your stuff. I had no idea you weren't English, your writing is at least on par with a native speaker I guess I'm now in the area where the G&L bass/treble tone on the output of the switch is my closest straightforward solution for actually...
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    What do people think about this tone circuit

    So now I'm looking at something like the G&L mod for 4 control guitars? I figure I may as well wire in a temporary volume pot on a single pickup, and plug it into a breadboard with a few tone variations
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    What do people think about this tone circuit

    Hi I'm looking primarily to roll off the bottom end when the tone is all the way up, a small dip in the low mid's is also desirable but essentially I want to manage the bottom end. When you get some time, are you able to give me some hints as to why these circuits don't behave as they are...
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    What do people think about this tone circuit

    Hi I'd be interested in hearing your experience. I'm keen to get the EQ balance right. I've gone for a shallow dip (under 5db, but moved to around 200-400hz) to offer a tool which can be used along side a typical amp EQ (leaving that to focus on that 800-1k area) The circuit is going to be...
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    What do people think about this tone circuit

    Hi Thanks for the reply, I've done some reading, and I'm going to put a Big Muff style circuit in. Informed by some time trying to understand things in more detail. I've got some notes written out, and this will be my second attempt so hopefully I won't make some of the mistakes I made the...

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