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    Gibson BurstBuckers Set & CustomBuckers Set

    One Bump before i toss them on Reverb.. I am accepting OBO on both sets.
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    Gibson BurstBuckers Set & CustomBuckers Set

    I had CME remove them when i had setups done on them. I was planning on keeping the pickups plus i prefer the look without covers. I think i MIGHT have the covers if anyone wants to solder them back on. I have to double check if they are still in the case.
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    Gibson BurstBuckers Set & CustomBuckers Set

    Everything shown here i had professionally pulled because i swapped to BKP on both my LPCs. Figure i would post them here before i hit Reverb. These pickups were pulled from a brand new 2019 Gibson Custom Shop 57 Goldtop RI that I purchased brand new from CME Sorry i do not have any readings...
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    Bye guys, it was fun.

    I never understood how people could get offended or mad over something said on the internet. The internet is a world that I have the ability to turn on and off and it doesn’t effect my actual life. Stop being a drama queen and continue on as if nothing ever happened. Who cares? Life is to short...
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    FT-Orange Brent Hinds Terror

    How about the 5150lll LBX Head?
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    Locking Tuners that require very little modification for 57 Custom Shop

    Well if you read my post then maybe you would understand.. Just my guess though..
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    Locking Tuners that require very little modification for 57 Custom Shop

    I guess the best way for me to do this is remove one tuner and measure the hole with calipers so that way i order the correct size. Awesome, Thanks guys!
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    Locking Tuners that require very little modification for 57 Custom Shop

    The Gotohs look nice but 15:1 I wonder if i should just say screw it and go with a 15:1, Seems to be many more options. I just feel the higher gear ratio would make for a more accurate tuning and much easier to achieve that accurate tuning. The 15:1 just seems like it would be a lot more...
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    Bare Knuckle Mule Set

    Just bought a set of these 2 days ago for my LPC. Once i get them installed and if they sound good, I plan on getting another set for my goldtop, So if they are still around ill take them off your hands.
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    Locking Tuners that require very little modification for 57 Custom Shop

    I am in the market for a set of locking tuners for my 2011 57 Custom. I prefer a high gear ratio. A few that i have seen are 15:1 and dont really require much modifying to the guitar but i prefer a higher 18-19-20:1 ratio locking tuner? I dont mind having to mod my LP but i am doing this...
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    Here is my refinshed 2016 Les Paul after 30 days of UV exposure.

    Think makes me wanna open up a 1 month membership to LA Tan for me LP. I wonder if they would look at me funny tanning my guitar?
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    Slash fans.....Holy Schnikies !!

    That sad part about that guitar, Whoever buys it i doubt will "put it to use" and will just leave it in the case or on display. If i had stupid cash to throw around, I would buy it and run her into the ground like the dirty little 6 string that she is! Whoever does buy it, Please play and Enjoy it!!
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    Why do I hate strats? And do I need therapy?

    Well not a Strat but i hated Tele's my entire life, Never understood the love people had for these awful guitars.. Found a stupid deal on a custom shop tele one day. Even though i did not like tele's i would have been a fool to pass it up. Lets just say the Tele has grown on me and is now one...
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    What would your wife do with your Les Paul(s) if you died?

    This post is soooo creeping me out!
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    2000 Gibson R9 Les Paul

    What pickups are in this? Also any upgrades? Were you the original owner?

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