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    Trade three Traditionals and get another reissue?

    I sold 2 American strats and a Traditional so I could buy a mint 2017 R8. I understand you completely. But like Tolm stated above, I would go for a nice gold top and keep one traditional
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    NGD 2007 R8 CSB Plain Top

    Bourbon burst right? Looks fantastic
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    NGD - Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959

    Now thats what I call a monster top!
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    NGD + several months. '57 Black Beauty Ri - Yet another update

    It looks great! But like you said, I would put those covers back
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    SG Love

    Some fine SG-s you have here gentlemen. Im seriously GASing for one. Those 2019 Standard SG-s look amazing. What is the consenzus about the 2019 SG line??
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    help in identifying R9 Les paul Top.

    Never seen it before but it might be some kind of a special run. You could go over to the Historics department of this forum, some members over there are very knowledgeable
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    Current pricing of R8, R9 up a lot lately?

    Some great info here, thank you for that
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    Current pricing of R8, R9 up a lot lately?

    I guess its becouse of the new CS line thats awsome and the new direction that Gibson has taken. People again started to believe in Gibson as a brand which is a great thing. But one thing I dont understand - for example - how can an R8 or R9 from 2007 be the same price as 2017 models? Thats a...
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    What should I know about this?

    It seems to be in great condition. You should call Gibson to make some inquiries regarding the serial number. Unscrew the humbuckers and check if anything was changed. The R8 stamp in the control cavity seems legit. I think that the nut has been changed? All in all, a great guitar but not worth...
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    Pedal Trade!

    Have Lovepedal Kanji Handwired edition, 2017. Would trade it for a newish La Grange or Fire Custom Shop Carpe Diem. Pm me
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    Let's See Your Top Carves!

    Nothing spectacular but it does exist :applause:
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    I think I may have a problem.

    My friend, sell your strats and buy a Les Paul Historic (coming from a guy that played strats exclusively for 15 years). Thank me later
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    NGD - 2013 Les Paul Traditional

    57’s are great. I miss them
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    2019 traditional

    Thats the thing that bugged me. I hate clownbursts and eventually sold my 2016 Traditional becouse of it. Look at the pictures and judge for yourself. It didnt look like that on Gibson site
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    Bogner La Grange - opinions

    Ups, didnt see it, thanks!