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    Is my R8 a Fake?

    Man I wish chinese fakes were good as this one
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    2019 R4 logo (dis)placement

    It's a mystery to me why they can't get obvious things like this right.....
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    20w Is Enough

    One thing I learned from gigging is that wattage is a relative thing. My Victory Sheriff 22 watt feels "louder" than my Marshall 40 watt. Like many stated before, there are dozens of variables when it comes to "loudness". I read somewhere that a 100 watt Marshall SLP is only 3dB louder than a 50...
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    NAD - Victory Sheriff

    Thank you guys! I'm still waiting for the 2x12 Cab with Vintage 30's... The matching cab is one Vintage 30 combined with one Celestion Creamback ( picture below) . It sounds phenomenal but since its pricey I went for a lot cheaper Harley Benton with 2xVintage 30's
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    NAD - Victory Sheriff

    New amp day fellas! Victory Sheriff 22 watt, still waiting for my 2x12 cab to arrive. Is it ok to say that it sounds more Marshall than today Marshall amps? Becouse it certanly does. I was afraid that 22 watts (28 w to be precise) wouldnt be enough for my band or smaller clubs...boy was I wrong...
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    R4 GAS

    I would keep the Jr.’s becouse two guitars are better then one :applause:
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    Need help fast : Victory Sheriff 22 into Harley Benton

    Sure brother! I think it will kick some serious ass :dude:
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    Can you only get Plain Tops with R8's

    Legend says that 2017 R8’s have R9 necks...I think you would be happy with one of these. I have one and the neck is thinner than on other R8’s I played a plaintop lover too
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    Need help fast : Victory Sheriff 22 into Harley Benton

    Efstop thank you again friend, so I just need to connect one cable from 8ohm output (amp) into cab input and both speakers would work on max power???
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    Need help fast : Victory Sheriff 22 into Harley Benton

    Allright friends, I need your help fast since im going to buy the Sheriff 22 in two days.... This is the backside of the amp : It has 16ohm output and two 8ohm outputs. Im planning to connect it to a Harley Benton 2x12 vintage 30 vertical cabinet. Here are the cab specs: Equipped with: 2 x 12"...
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    Wiring Cabs, Speaker OHMS all in one thread

    Hi friends, need your about to buy a Victory sheriff 22 (28 watt amp) and im looking for a nice 2x12 box. I found a DV Mark neoclassic 2x12, rated at 300w my question is, is a small watt sheriff able to drive these speakers??? Thank you
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    Trade three Traditionals and get another reissue?

    I sold 2 American strats and a Traditional so I could buy a mint 2017 R8. I understand you completely. But like Tolm stated above, I would go for a nice gold top and keep one traditional
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    NGD 2007 R8 CSB Plain Top

    Bourbon burst right? Looks fantastic
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    NGD - Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959

    Now thats what I call a monster top!
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    NGD + several months. '57 Black Beauty Ri - Yet another update

    It looks great! But like you said, I would put those covers back