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    1954 Gibson Les Paul (Refin Red)

    Lovely piece!
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    FS: 1962 LP Standard and 1963 LP Junior

    Hi forum members I am thinking of downsizing my collection, here is some info on what I have (if you are serious we can do lots of pictures, phone calls, video calls and such): 1) 1962 Gibson Les Paul SG side arm vibrola: replaced tuners (originals included), one replaced pot, replacement ABR...
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    FSOT: Artist Owned & Toured Gibson Les Paul Classic Gold Top 1994

    The classics without the green inlays like this are great guitars! I had a 94 that was killer! This seems like a reasonable price also. GLWTS.
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    I Need a Pickguard for a 62 LP Ebony Block

    Indeed. This is meant to be my player 62. I have another one that with the sideways vibrola and it is untouched and all original. I did have a spare set of early patent number humbuckers sitting around too. So it will be old wood, old pickups, with a few modern takes to make it playable...
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    I Need a Pickguard for a 62 LP Ebony Block

    Looks like the folks at Mojoaxe may do the trick.
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    I Need a Pickguard for a 62 LP Ebony Block

    Thanks but I don't have the right tools or access to them to cut it and make the bevels.
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    I Need a Pickguard for a 62 LP Ebony Block

    Greetings all, I recently picked a 1962 LP Ebony block husk and I am starting to get the parts to put it back together. The only piece I am missing is a pickguard that fits. I ordered a newer production hone but the screw holes do not line up. Any suggestions that won't break the bank? I don't...
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    FS: 1964 Gibson SG Special

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    WTB: Pair of Real 1960s Gibson P-90 Soapbars with Black Covers

    Hi all, like the titile says. working on getting some original parts for my 64 Gibson SG Special. The last piece is a pair of real 60s P-90s. Shoot me a message. If you are missing the covers we may still be able to work something out. Please have DC readings and pics available.
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    FS: 1964 Gibson SG Special

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    FS: 1964 Gibson SG Special

    Here we have a player grade 1964 Gibson SG Special for sale, with its original case. This is the year where all the improvements made to the SG design came together, especially the heel joint, body carve, and neck shape, which is PERFECT! 1 and 11/16ths at the nut. 3500 shipped and Insured to...
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    Real PAF Question

    We are losing interest also, without pictures for us to assist with.
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    2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional MINT

    These are pretty great guitars. Lots of bang for the buck!

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