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    How well do satin finishes age?

    I've got one of the older "faded red" SG Specials, satin finished, and there is nowhere on it that has gone glossy.It's probably around a 2005 or so. Got it from EBay for $441 6 years ago - had one inconspicuous scratch ( more of a mar) just below the bridge. Probably the best deal in a guitar...
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    Gibson Black Veneer crack between mahogany question

    Looks to me like you have a classic Gibson headstock break in your future if you keep that guitar, nice as it is.
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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    490R and 498T
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    Trading for a brand new Murphy Lab or a regular Customshop

    What dc said - unless you just don't like your prehistoric anymore, in which case choosing between 2 unknowns with values similar to or greater than what you have isn't much of a risk. This "they can only bring one over" thing sounds a bit suspicious. A few questions. Who is "they"? Why are...
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    Heritage H150, a truly superior single cut.

    I consodered a Heritage singlecut years ago - the local shop had been a Gibson dealer until the Gibson license got too expensive for them so the owner got a couple of Heritages in. One was what I'd call a whiskey burst - gorgeous instrument, played exceptionally well and sounded great. It sold...
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    Warped neck?

    I've read his comment 3 times and don't see any reference to a '67 LP Custom. Is that something mentioned in the video? Nevermind - just watched the beginning of the video. Oh, I see said the blind man.
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    Why is the Classic so much cheaper than the others?

    And using the marketing board known as MF: Traditional Pro Vs (plain) are $1899 Classics (plain) are $1999 Standards are $2270 - $2499, depending on finish. Trad Pros jump to $2799 with a flamed top. The Slash is $2999 ... ...and CS chimes in beginning at $3799. So there's your ROT for...
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    Why is the Classic so much cheaper than the others?

    I'd have to say marketing trying to take advantage of the alchemy that is the combination of taste (looks, details and musicality to be specific) and the purchaser's desire to own the best within one's budget.
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    Anyone else have trouble owning/playing a $2k guitar?

    I have no problem owning a $2K guitar - of course not owning one makes it very easy to not have a problem with that. I've got 3 Epis (one's acoustic), a couple of Gibsons (Studio Deluxe and SG faded), a Squier strat, G&L ASAT Tele, a Fender acoustic, couple others that are in cases that I...
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    What amp do you recommend for a Les Paul?

    Absolutely - great amp.
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    What amp do you recommend for a Les Paul?

    Love my Fender Princeton. In his Cream days when he still played an LP, Clapton would record with a Fender Twin (or maybe a Twin Reverb) They now have an EC Twinolux based on the late '50s Twin 5E8-A model. It'sa winner if you can find one, but a tad pricey at around $2750, but it's a CS EC...
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    Anyone ever figured out how to deal with ES335s with the notorious delaminating ply issue?

    Actual experience-based information, and a simple explanation that makes sense. I like it.
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    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    Elvis, the Beatles…and of course, girls.
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    Which Fender guitar do you think compliments a Les Paul the best?

    Have one, love it. Friend who’s a guitar teacher (GIT trained) played it and said he loved the feel and sound. He owns a mid 90s Fender Tele so he knows teles.
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    LP Studio Limited Color series? Budget LP custom alternative?

    Even at Ebay the cheapest US Gibsons on Buy it Now prices start at $850, and depending on age and color, go up from there to over 3 grand. Be interested to see what yo do and what it looks like.

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